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[email protected] Malhotra and Malhotra Associates, Chandigarh

By: The Admin | October 1, 2010

By Anonymous

I did a three week internship at Malhotra and Malhotra Associates, a small law firm in Chandigarh. The first year’s craze of a ‘law firm’ goaded me to apply where-ever possible and luckily the Malhotra guys accepted me.

I got to know about the firm through some random Orkut community message. I googled them and found that the firm was run by two brothers Ranjit and Anil Malhotra.

That they both are foreign educated and experts in Family Law and International Law with many a foreign embassy’s among their clients attracted me towards this firm.

How did I apply: I emailed them my CV and they were very prompt in replying. They also told me on phone to write a small essay on an international law topic which I had to submit asap.

They told me that my CV, my email followups and the essay cinched it. That they took me in my first year and based selection on the merit of my application was a good thing.

Logistics: Since I am from Chandigarh I stayed put!

The work: The good thing is that I was given good, responsible work right from the start.

I had to do case law research on whatever legal issues the fresh or the old clients had.

These were largely family law issues. I also did a bit of immigration law and helped in writing and research of international law topics.

There was also lots of bad work viz. Proof reading their older essays, pasting photographs, proof reading the business cards of their contacts and some other clerical work too.

The work environment: Do expect some harsh words here and there, when you mess up things.

Otherwise, they know their stuff and are very helpful and encouraging too.

I was allowed big lunch breaks and take whatever I could from the fridge!  I practised restraint! They allowed me to be in the conference meetings/chats with clients and gave me responsible work.


I will give this a 5; a good internship. The work was good, specially the family law and immigration law work.

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