Internship Experience @ Make A Difference, Chandigarh

Name of Organisation, Location , Team Strength

Make A Difference Application Process (with contact details) MAD has a recruitment drive twice every year.

The process is quite simple. You have to register online and then go for the interview. If they like you and feel that you stand up for the cause with all of your heart, you’re in!

Duration of internship and timings

The internship is for an year but, you can get it extended if you want.

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Major work is on the weekends but, they expect you to work a little on the weekdays as well (but that is from your homes; you do not have to go to any of the sites)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

MAD is full of enthusiasm! At first, it is a little overwhelming but the spirit is contagious. My experience was amazing. On the first day, we were introduced to our team members and the coordinator for the area.

Make a Difference, in Chandigarh, basically deals with kids in schools. So, there is no amazing workplace as such.

Main tasks

There are different departments in the organization like placements, teaching and so on. I was a placement volunteer. My team basically had to arrange activities for the kids over the weekends. We could call an expert in a field, say Judo, and have a session with the kids about the same.

We also had some off school activities like Dream Camp, which was an amazing experience in itself.

Work environment and people

The people are great! Work is not stressful when you are wrapping everything up on time. Small glitches here and there happen, but the head was so nice and encouraging.

The first few mistakes were generally forgiven.

Best things

I met some really nice people at MAD Chandigarh, who are still friends and will probably last a lifetime. The work was good. No moment felt unnecessary.

Bad things

Nothing bad as such. For me, the experience was very good.



Biggest Lessons

There can be no compassion without suffering. The kids have had such bad lives that I feel thankful everyday for all that I have. Their spirit is unbreakable.

These kids are so brave, kind and sweet, that it makes me sad when I think how cruel their lives has been.

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