Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission [MPHRC], Bhopal: Visit Various Orphanages, Flexible Timings

Your Name

Pragya Joshi


Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC),

Paryavas Bhawan, Jail Road, Bhopal.

The location can be found HERE.

Team of 5 members from different colleges. Team strength can be more depending on the number of people applying their for internship.

Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC)

Application Process

You can go in person and can meet Deputy Secretary, or you can call at the office. Remember to carry you CV, Passport size photographs (2-3) and you college ID.

He will check all you details and your CV after which he will give you a form to fill in with your personal details.

Duration and timings

July 2, 2014 – July 23,2014

First Day

On my first day at MPHRC, I walked in at 9 A.M, which was the official time given to me. The office was empty but for the cleaners, finishing their morning chores. I was probably the first one in the office.

The infrastructure was good.

In MPHRC, you can actually see how a government office works.

After sitting there for around half an hour, people started trickling in slowly. The office was full soon, and I was sitting at the same place waiting for Deputy Secretary to come: I was asked to wait.

After some time, I saw more interns coming and waiting. Later, we were called to meet the deputy secretary. A group of five members was made. Our CV’s were checked by him and we were given a form to fill in.

After this, we were handed a Bare Act of The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 and asked to read it.

We were also asked to be prepared for a small oral test scheduled the next day on the United Nations Organization and Human Rights Commission.

Main tasks

On the third day, we were given a task to write down some topics related to Human Rights. This was group work. Our research topic will be given from these topics.

We handed them a list of about 15 topics, from which we were given the topic “Rights of Orphans”.

It was a situational analysis of orphans in Bhopal.

Our main task was to visit various orphanages all over Bhopal and analyze their situation, upon which a complete report was to be submitted to the MPHRC.

This report was to contain information, flaws and steps that can be taken by the government to make those orphanages more effective and a better place for the children to live in.


Work environment is quite easy-going at MPHRC.

People are not strict about the timings, nor do they want you to come to office daily.

Best things

Research Topics that we get are really good. We begin to understand the situation of the country and people we never think about in our busy self-centered routines.

MPHRC is also a great place to meet new people.

DB mall which is close by is another good thing about the internship. It is a good place to hang out in when bored, or free from work. One can visit it with group mates. 😛

Bad things

No Wi-Fi. One has to carry their own laptop and internet.

Free Wi-Fi which was given earlier is no more available to interns. (Thanks to the earlier interns who have interned there.) 🙁



Biggest Lessons

Never be shy to ask or clear doubts. It helps a lot. 🙂 


One should definitely intern here once. 🙂

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