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Internship Experience @ Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC), Bhopal: Knowledge can be gained from innumerable sources


Ratnapriya Shrivastava


Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission

Application Process

Applying in MPHRC is really un-challenging.

You don’t need any jack or any contacts, all you need is a letter of recommendation signed by the Registrar of your University/College, a written application specifying the duration of internship, photocopy of your college ID and two passport sized photographs.

One need not apply beforehand, just go there 2-3 days before the proposed duration and submit the aforementioned to the librarian, who also takes care of internship applications.


6th December, 2013- 20th December 2013

First Day

With the general notion of “sarkari office”, I entered through the door of MPHRC office.

But to my amazement it was pretty good (when compared with other government offices).

Floor with tiles, a 50 x 50 banner with the logo of MPHRC and the various authorities and thankfully lots of chairs and also a comfy sofa.

So basically, it is huge building known as Paryavas Bhawan, in which many commissions, offices and boards like MP Rural Road Development Authority, Canara Bank Circle Office, New India Assurance Regional Office, Madhya Pradesh Housing and Infrastructure Development Board etc. operates at different blocks and different floors.

One such commission is MPHRC.

One the first day I was asked to choose a research topic on which I had to work.

I chose RTE. The problem was that I needed a team of at least 5 members as RTE wasn’t a topic that I could have done alone.

Thankfully I found 4 other members, who were also searching for team members to work with. (piece of advice- apply with friends so that you don’t have to wander searching for teammates)

Main tasks

We were asked to prepare a project on the topic chosen by us (approved by the Registrar), RTE.

A lot of field work was required for which we were given Letter of Inquiry.

This permitted us to interview principals and teachers of various government schools as well as to conduct student survey.

After compiling the survey data and preparing a report, the project was to be submitted to the Registrar who interviewed us about our experience and our survey data (so as to check the genuineness of data).


I cherish working there.

I met some really amiable people.

The work environment is pleasant and enjoyable.

One tends to lose track of time.

Everyday, I used to meet at least 1 or 2 complainants who came there to know the progress of the case, and ended up tutoring me about the procedure. (Knowledge can be gained from innumerable sources).

Best things

For me the best thing was the internet.

They easily gave us the WiFi password.

Internet speed was pretty good and the cherry on the top was that there was no firewall (using torrent was most interns’ favourite time-pass).

Bad things

The only bad thing that I observed was that MPHRC is not a great place to intern during summer, as there is no cooler for the interns (leave alone air-conditioners).

Bhopal being a really hot city, one might actually get roasted inside the office.

Doing field work in scorching heat might be a Herculean task.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Punctuality. Meeting new people, and and molding oneself. It’s the experience that matters.

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