Internship Experience @ Luthra & Luthra Law Offices, Mumbai

inner-logoName, Year of Study and College

Nidhi Singh, 2nd Year, The National University of Advanced Legal Studies

Place of Internship

Luthra and Luthra Law Offices, Mumbai

Duration of Internship

4 weeks, November 2013

Office Location

The Luthra and Luthra Mumbai office is located in Indiabulls Financial Tower, Its less that 5 minutes from the Elphinstione road local train station, very well connected.

Application Procedure and Internship contact details

The application procedurefor interns is fairly straightforward, I sent an email to [email protected].

I got a reply within 2 weeks, I was asked to join on the 4th of November, and bring a passport sized photograph with me.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings.

The office worked 5 days a week. The weekends are off. The timings were long, we had to be in the office by 10 am, the official timings were till 7:30, however we rarely left before 8:15- 8:30. On days when there was too much work, I have had to stay if office till 9- 9:15 also.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I am not from Bombay, so I lived in a PG. There are lots of good pg’s available in Bombay, and mine was close to the matunga road station, so travel was not an issue.

First impression. First day, formalities etc

Our first day of work was the day after Diwali, so everyone came to office a little tired. The interns were asked to report by 10 am, so all of us had arrived, maximum by 10:30, however due to the holiday the day before, we had to wait in the conference room for a few hours before someone came to give us our orientation.

The day was spent teaching us and introducing us to the nature of work and briefing on the work that would be given to the interns. We were later assigned to specific departments and given our workstation.

The workstations at Luthra Mumbai were quite impressive, we each had our own desk, computer, Luthra stationary, phones etc. All conversation within the office generally happened via the phone, and a list of extensions was provided at each desk, including the numbers for the pantry.

Main tasks

I was assigned to the M & A team. My main work during my internship at Luthra Mumbai consisted of due diligence. I had the chance to work closely with a team of associates who were working on due diligence. However, work was not merely limited to the team you were assigned.

I had the chance to do extensive research on cases relating to securities as well. I was also assigned work on capital markets and other cases. The associates were extremely helpful, explaining patiently the work to be done by us. At any time if we got stuck, they would be more than willing to come and help us out, or give us helpful directions regarding how we were to proceed.

We were also taken to meet the partners who headed our respective divisions. It was equal parts awe-inspiring and absolutely terrifying!

Work environment, people

The work environment at Luthra and Luthra Mumbai was brilliant, the associates were extremely friendly and welcoming towards the interns.

We had several birthday’s during my internship, where the associates treated everyone n the office including the interns to a variety of things, from cheese and spinach quiches to chaat! The food was delicious; we were even treated to chocolates by the associates.

The interns were all very cohesive, and everyone got along well with each other. They were very helpful and would often volunteer to help other interns with their work. It was a very nurturing environment.

Best things? 

Working with a partner would definitely top my list, it was an amazing experience, and he took personal interest in all the work he assigned to interns.

The pantry in the office would come second. There was free coffee served to the entire office twice a day, we could call and order more from the pantry. They also gave options of tea, green tea etc. The pantry also gave free toast. In the evenings, we could call for magi, or masala oats. They also had packets of chips, etc. Needless to say, as interns we took full advantage of this.

Bad things? 

Nothing was necessarily bad, sometimes the atmosphere in the office would become too intimidating, and at these times you could go for a walk in their garden.

There were also times when there would be too much work, and interns had to stay late.

Another factor was that people from different law schools were paid differently, this caused slight dissent, but overall the whole experience at Luthra and Luthra Mumbai was amazing.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

The office had beautiful gardens, it was on the 20th floor, so the view was absolutely breathtaking. The interns would generally all go for lunch together, there was a cafeteria on the ground floor, which was quite good. However most of us preferred to go out side, where all the street food vendors sat.

The food was extremely cheap and was delicious. You had a wide range of vendors from sandwiches (I would personally recommend these) to chaat, vada pav, rolls, and much more.

The food was a whole different experience in itself, and of course, no visit to Bombay is complete without trying their vada pav.

Anything else you’d like to tell

Interning at Luthra and Luthra Mumbai was a very informative and a learning experience. While we may learn the basic law in college, these kinds of internships are the ones which teach us the application of these laws.

It was a great experience overall, since after work one could take the local and go to marine drive and church gate. Even though work hours were a little hectic, Bombay is open almost all night, and one could safely go out at night to explore the city.

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