LSE Summer School Experience! Spending the Summer Learning Corporate Law and Governance Course at the London School of Economics


Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary of Army Institute of Law (BA. L.L.B 2nd Year) did a summer school at London School of Economics, London from 8th July 2013- 27th July 2013.

Application procedure:

The forms for the LSE Summer School open around January end, so one can actually start applying NOW!

Contact details:

Interested people can visit the official site of the LSE, all the contact details are there.


In London I was staying with a Host Family, I found them through the internet, they were based near Heathrow and honestly they were the nicest people ever. Indians by origin and Sikh by religion, I can’t explain how refreshing it was to stay with them.

First impression:

Well the first impression that one gets of LSE or of a summer school is that, this is going to be “ONE BIG PARTY”, but it isn’t so for people who genuinely want to study.

There is something for everyone to do, and a lot of what you’d do there also depends on the goal with which you’re there. For me it was primarily study, so I did get ample opportunities to gain as much knowledge as I could.

Examination system:

As regards to the examination system, it really varies on the Course you take and the difficulty level of the same.

For some courses it is mandatory to take a written mid-term examination if one wants to sit for the final one and on the flipside, for certain courses one is required to write a detailed essay displaying one’s understanding and interpretation of a particular topic coupled with one’s researching skills, this marks the mid-term of these courses.

As regards to the course I took, which was Corporate Law and Governance, I was supposed to write a detailed essay and take a final exam at the end of the course. In order to take the final exam, one needs to take the mid-term and keep his/her attendance in check.

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Cultural exposure:

As regards to the environment, it was rather is very welcoming and had something to offer everyone. It was very studious but at the same time also very chilled. It really depends on what your goals are; you’ll find anything and everything you’re looking for. The cultural exposure is immense and one gets to learn a lot.

Best things?

The Best thing about LSE would be their faculty and the countless opportunities that, that place provides to every student of it. The relaxed environment along with ongoing on campus activities, plus their massive library clubbed with just amazing in house eating places, LSE is responsible for providing a wholesome lavish environment to every student who is looking for once in a lifetime experience .

Bad things?

Umm, I believe all their policies are designed in such a way that they suit everyone, so all of them have their pros and cons. It depends on us how we want to use them to our benefit.

Things to do:

Since LSE is in London, in Holborn that falls in central London, one actually has A LOT to do; there are a plethora of shopping places and ambrosial cafes that one can never get bored off. You just need to be willing to EXPLORE, whether alone or in a group, London can never exhaust you or let you get bored.


Their fees is around 1000-1400 GBP, it varies depending upon which house you choose to stay at.

Anything else you’d like to tell:

A summer school is definitely a very knowledgeable experience, provided one plans to take advantage of all the opportunities provided to him/her.

If one wants to go on a vacation then, clubbing it with a Summer School is a bad idea. It’s a very enterprising way to learn ALOT in a short span, so dedicated students can always take courses higher than their present curriculum, it always adds on to one’s knowledge.

Biggest lessons:

Going to summer schools is exceptionally easy, but how one performs and what he/she learns, actually makes all the difference, on the certificate, one’s resume and even in real life.

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