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Every legal professional, whether you are a student, a litigator, a corporate lawyer, or an academician needs to have strong legal research and writing skills, and this course ensures excellence in this field.

This course contains 8 Modules:

  • Module I introduces you to the idea of research generally.
  • Module II is about research design.
  • Module III tells you more about the research methodology & method. What is “methodology”? What is “method”?
  • Module IV dives straight into doctrinal/analytical research methods. How do you research a given legal issue? How do you find the right legislation or case law? This module explains how to best use available resources to find the authority you need.
  • Module V is the empirical counterpart of Module IV. It discusses the various kinds of research methods under qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies.
  • Module VI addresses how to present legal research in writing.
  • Module VII explains how to present legal research verbally.
  • Module VIII deals with the ethics of legal research.

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About the Moot COURSE (& Competition)

This is a unique course which will help you learn the fundamentals and the advanced aspects of mooting.

As a part of this course, the students will actually do a moot competition too! You’ll be given a moot problem, be asked to draft a memo, given feedback on that, and then we’ll take you to the oral rounds where you get to argue before a judge! And yes, you’ll be given feedback during the oral rounds.

This course contains 6 Modules:

  • Module I: Introduction to Mooting
  • Module II: Reading and Researching the Moot Problem
  • Module III: Drafting and Formatting a Moot Memo (Memorial)
  • Module IV: Oral Arguments and Courtroom Mannerisms
  • Module V: Live Online Moot Court Competition: Oral Rounds + Personal Feedback!
  • Module VI: Building a Mooting Culture in Your College

You can click here to read more about this course!

Course Bundle of LRW and Moot Course: More Learning at a Lesser Cost!

Lawctopus Law School has launched a unique Course Bundle of two important courses i.e. the Legal Research and Writing Course and the Moot Court (& Competition) Course!

We are making these fundamental courses more accessible!

How this Course Bundle Will Benefit You?

The knowledge and skills you learn from the course will help you:

  • Develop excellent research and writing skills, along with prize-winning moot court memorials
  • Learn court mannerisms, techniques of oral argumentation, footnoting, endnoting, and referencing
  • Write excellent, publishable research papers that improve your ‘self’ and your ‘CV’
  • Draft high-quality legal opinions as a lawyer
  • Learn at your own pace and routine at a reduced cost

Solely on the basis of mooting capabilities and legal research and writing skills, many excellent mooters and researchers land up with top internships and job offers.

These skills give you an edge and put you ahead of the competition in the eyes of recruiters.

Register for this Course Bundle by clicking here!


  • Once you register for the course bundle, you can either complete the courses simultaneously or choose to do them one at a time. Both the courses have a duration of 2 months each.
  • Three batches (Starting in April, May, and June) are available for both the courses. You can choose the batch as per your preference and convenience on the registration page.
  • You will be enrolled for the desired batches of both the courses within 7 days.
  • Only one student can complete both the courses of the bundle. It can not be transferred to another student.


  • Actual Price (if both courses are purchased individually): Rs. 8,600
  • Bundle Price: Rs. 6,900
  • The bundle pricing cannot be combined with any other scholarships/coupon codes

Mode of Learning

The courses shall be conducted at courses.lawctopus.com an LMS Portal and Live Sessions shall be conducted through Zoom.


You will receive individual certificates for both the courses (in the bundle) once you successfully complete them.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment on this post or email at courses@lawctopus.com

Register for this Course Bundle by clicking here!


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