Q. I want to learn the litigation work and want to study with it, say LLM and company secretary course, but I am very much confused as the timings of the law firms are till 6 minimum in the evening and if you are in the litigation team, then you don’t have any COMING BACK time.
So basically is there a career option in the legal field so that I can continue with my studies and earn with it a decent amount ?

A. Law is a jealous mistress, and requires a long and constant courtship. It is not to be won by trifling favours, but by a lavish homage.

If you want to litigate and be successful in that, it will require your full time, best efforts and complete dedication.

There might be some litigation offices and law firms which leave you early and doing a CS course might be possible. A distance learning LLM too can be done.

But beware! You might end up doing too much and doing nothing as well as you’d have liked to.

A lot of senior lawyers/law firmites are of the impression that the present lot is impatient. So well, have patience; do the LLM in a year, and if you want, do a running internship if your college allows that.

And then plunge yourself into litigation and impress the jealous mistress with all that you’ve got!

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  1. Hello there,
    I’m a student of the LL.M(1 year course) & I always intended to do litigation. Like you even I had several thoughts of pursuing both together but after the Masters course began it seemed not only difficult but impossible to do it, unless you’re doing the two year course from some University like Mumbai. A one year course, since concised, is very exhausting and can keep you occupied all year round barely sparing anytime to do anything else. If you’re comparing it with your LLB course then I’m here to tell you that it is not the same(At least the one I’m pursuing, firstly coz its a credit system and we have an Oxford pattern of disposing our course and secondly coz its a research oriented programme which involves a lot more research perspective than a factual based perspective we perceived in our bachelors). Being in my final pedestal of the course I would recommend masters course for every law student irrespective of what you choose after that since it builds a research perspective towards law which can be beneficial in the quality of the work you do. Give yourself one year to sharpen your research skill and I believe you have your entire life to work after that.

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