“Literature Makes Better Lawyers” | ‘East West Street’ by Prof. Philippe Sands | LLS Book Club


Recently, we hosted one of the world’s biggest international law experts- Prof. Philippe Sands.

In our talk, we discussed Prof. Sands’ book ‘East West Street’ which traces the history of genocide and crimes against humanity through 4 perspectives– Hitler’s personal lawyer, Prof. Sands grandfather, and two lawyers involved with the Nuremberg trials.

One interesting thing in the talk, is Professor Sands emphasized on the importance of literature. He said that lawyers spend too much time reading the law, but don’t read enough literature. To become a better lawyer, one must understand the human condition and literature does that. The literature can be both fiction or non-fiction.

There are many such gems in the talk. Professor Sands talks about his advocacy process, how he prepares for a case before international courts, and how his writing and advocacy has changed over the years.

About Lawctopus Law School Book Club

This book club is part of Lawctopus Law School. Here we read books related to “law” and discuss them. When we finish the book, we have a guest over to discuss the book. If you wish to join the Book Club fill the form here, we’ll contact you soon.

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