Internship Experience @ LexQuest [Online / Work from Home]: One can also apply for the post of Content Editor and Campus Ambassador

Name of the Intern

Archit Gupta, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, 4th Year

Name of the Organisation

It was an online internship. The organisation Lex Quest is headed by Advocate Mukul Anand. The purpose of this organisation is to provide law student with details of internships, competitions, legal news and call for papers.

It also offers courses in different fields of law like Evidence Law and Cyber Law. The organisation operates through the website and it regularly updates itself with various happenings in legal education and the opportunities available to the law students.

Duration of the Internship

My internship was completed in two parts- As a Research Intern (1st December, 2014 to 31st December 2014) and As a Research Associate (10th January, 2015 to 10th April, 2015).

The timings are flexible and one can take leave during examinations. The work is required to be completed according to the deadline however extensions are allowed by Mukul Sir.

Application Procedure

I applied along with my resume, statement of purpose and a writing sample.

One can apply at and can expect a reply within one week.

The interns are usually appointed for three months and if Mukul Sir likes your work, then he would offer you to become a Research Associate.

One can also apply for the post of Content Editor and Campus Ambassador.

Main Tasks

As a Research Intern, I was asked to write about various legal issues. The topics given were of contemporary relevance and one would enjoy researching and writing on it. Among other topics, I was asked to write on Legal Regulations relating to radio cabs in India and Racial Crimes in India.

These topics helped me to understand some of the complex legal problems that are prevalent in our system. After sending the first draft of my article, Mukul Sir gave his opinions and asked me to redraft the article accordingly.

Though the articles were only 1000-1500 words long, it allowed me to broaden my understanding and think from different perspectives on a legal issue.

My final task was to prepare recommendations for improvement of legal education in the country. These recommendations were submitted to the Bar Council of India by Mukul Sir.

At the end of my internship, I was asked to continue as a research associate.

As a Research Associate, my main task was to guide various research interns who were mostly in first and second years of their course. I was supposed to proof-read their articles and suggest changes.

It was an interesting experience as guiding research interns requires patience and appropriate communication skills.

The other tasks included writing articles and preparing power point presentations. I was asked to prepare power point presentations on various aspects of the constitution which helped me to brush up my constitutional knowledge.

Another interesting task was preparing module of a Course on Research Methodology. It required me to consult various books and look at the content of other similar courses. It was one of the few tasks which were paid for.

Work Environment

Mukul Sir is a great mentor and is very approachable. He answers every question and explains his point of view on a particular topic.

He is very comfortable with giving relaxations during university examinations or assignments. He is very prompt is replying your queries and ensures that one is not facing unnecessary burden.


There is no stipend for this position. However some tasks were paid. I was given Rs 1000 for preparing two modules of Course on Research Methodology.

Overall it was a fantastic experience. I would recommend this internship for those students who are in their first year of law school.

The website is HERE.

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