LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Experience Writing Competition 2015-16 [UPDATE: Results and Publishing Schedule]

UPDATE [April 1, 10.30 PM]

Due to some logistical issues, we’ll now be announcing the results on April 12th.

Sorry for the delay from our side.

UPDATE [March 1, 12.15 PM]

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Thank you for the amazing response! We’ve received around 300 entries for this competition. We’ll be reading them closely and hence rating them across parameters will take time. The results will be announced on April 2nd April 12th. 

Publishing the posts on Lawctopus is an even longer process. Content formatting, editing and SEO takes time. By mid-June, all the publishable entries will be published on the website.

PS- We’ll try to be quicker with the publishing part since we’d want you to read the internship experiences asap and make informed choice about your upcoming summer internships. 

In case you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in a comment below.


To promote good writing and a culture of ‘sharing’ amongst law students in India, Lawctopus has joined hands with LexisNexis to organize the LexisNexis-Lawctopus Internship Writing Competition 2015.

iPleaders will be our learning partner for this competition.

Internships which started or ended between October 2014 and February 2016 will be considered for this competition.

Share your internship experience and win!

lexisnexis lawctopus collaboration
LexisNexis is our title partner for this competition!


1. Please submit your internship experience(s) by emailing the same to [email protected] with a CC to [email protected]snexis.com

2. The internship experience should be written in the body of the email itself. No attachments please.

3. Please mention these details at the beginning of your email:

  • Your Name
  • Name of your College
  • Year of Study
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email ID
  • Full Address (with PIN Code)
  • Exact Duration of the Internship (For example: January 1, 2016-February 5, 2016)

Please note that you’ll need to mention these details even if you are submitting your entry anonymously. Be assured that neither LexisNexis nor Lawctopus will disclose your identity to anyone.

3. The subject of the email should be Your Name-Name of your College-Name of the Organisation

For example if Symond Singh from NUJS, Kolkata shares his internship experience at Amarchand Managaldas, Mumbai the subject of the email should be Symond Singh-NUJS Kolkata-Amarchand Mumbai

4. In case you wish to remain anonymous, please put ANONYMOUS (in caps) at the end of your subject of the email.
For example Symond Singh-NUJS Kolkata-Amarchand Mumbai (ANONYMOUS)

5. You can share as many internship experiences as you want. (If you really did 3 internships during this summer, do share them all!)

6. There is no word limit.

7. The last date to share your internship experience is February 29.


1. Detailed, complete and helpful

Details. We love details; details help us all make informed choices about our internships. Do make sure your internship experience has lots of useful details!

Complete. Do check some previous internship experiences published on Lawctopus to check what all details you can put (but don’t restrict yourself to just that!)

Helpful. Extra points for including helpful details like the ‘contact details’, ‘PG details’ etc.

2. Honest

If it was a bad experience, write about it without fear! If it was a superb experience, go full on!

Your internship experience will be read by 1000s of law students in years to come and they’ll make their internship/career decisions based on what you write. Please be detailed and honest. It’s your duty towards your friends and peers.

However, please do not defame anyone (you know the laws) and please do not send in an advertorial write-up.

3. Well-written and personalized

Give the writer in you a real go! Check your write-up for grammar etc.

Put in some fun, some personal experiences etc. Just as an idea, how about an internship experience as a poem? You can even send us photos related to the internship!

NOTE: You should check some previously published internship experiences on Lawctopus to know what all details you can mention, but feel free to NOT follow it and go beyond the format!

4. Time period

The internship experience shared must be for an internship which started or ended between October 2014 and February 2016.

The minimum duration for an internship to be shared as an ‘internship experience’ for the purposes of this competition is 2 weeks.

5. It should be shared by a law student studying in a recognized law school in India.

6. The internship can be at any organization (lawyer’s chambers, law firm, NGO, LPO, company, non legal organization, etc.)


Detailed and helpful: 50 marks

Writing skills and personal details: 50 marks

Extra marks for early submissions*

Early submission A (by January 31): 20 marks [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

Early submission B (by February 17): 15 marks [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

Early submission C (by February 27): 10 marks [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

*We know we are being slightly unfair to internships being completed in February, but well we need to do this for logistical reasons and prevent a flood of emails on March 1. Sorry about this.


1st Prize

Cash prize of Rs. 8000 + LexisNexis Books worth Rs. 8000 + iPleaders’ courses* worth Rs. 6000 + LexisNexis’ LexisGreen Smart Pack worth Rs. 3095 + a certificate issued by LexisNexis. Total takeaways worth Rs. 25,095

2nd Prize

Cash prize of Rs. 6000 + LexisNexis Books worth Rs. 6000 + iPleaders’ courses worth Rs. 6000 + LexisNexis’ LexisGreen Smart Pack worth Rs. 3095 + a certificate issued by LexisNexis India. Total takeaways worth Rs. 21,095

3rd Prize

Cash prize of Rs. 4000 + LexisNexis Books worth Rs. 4000 + iPleaders’ courses worth Rs. 6000 + LexisNexis’ LexisGreen Smart Pack worth Rs. 3095 + a certificate issued by LexisNexis India. Total takeaways worth Rs. 17,095

The top 3 entries can avail any one of the following 3 iPleaders’ courses (each worth Rs. 6000):

Companies Act 2013

Cyber Law

Investment and Institutional Finance

Awards of Excellence (5 prizes)

Cash prize of Rs. 3000 each + LexisNexis Books worth Rs. 3000 each + iPleaders’ discount voucher worth Rs. 3000* + LexisNexis’ LexisGreen Smart Pack worth Rs. 3095 + a certificate issued by LexisNexis India. Total takeaways worth Rs. 9,095 each

Consolation Prizes (5 prizes)

Cash prize of Rs. 2000 each + LexisNexis Books worth Rs. 2000 each + iPleaders’ discount voucher worth Rs. 3000 + LexisNexis’ LexisGreen Smart Pack worth Rs. 3095 + a certificate issued by LexisNexis India. Total takeaways worth Rs. 7,095 each

These 10 vouchers can be availed on any of the iPleaders’ courses at iPleaders’ latest offering lawsikho.com

ipleaders internship
iPleaders is our learning partner for this competition!


1. Copyrights over the write-ups will vest with Lawctopus and LexisNexis.

2. We are entitled to update/change/cancel this competition in case sufficient entries are not received.

3. The last date for submitting entries is February 29, 2016.

Results will be announced on March 15th, 2016 April 2nd, 2016.

4. Lawctopus is free to publish or not publish any internship experience. Mere publication of an internship experience does not entitle you to the prizes mentioned. Only the prize-winning entries shall be awarded.

5. We’ll be announcing the names of the judges soon. Rest assured, they’ll be the ones with awesome profiles!

6. Internship experiences that have been already shared with or published on Lawctopus (by the same person, at the same organisation and for the same duration) will NOT be considered for this competition.


Symond Singh interned at HRLN, Delhi from January 1, 2015-January 30, 2015. The same has been published on or shared with Lawctopus. Now, Symond Singh cannot share the same internship experience with Lawctopus for this competition. He can, however, share any other internship experience for an internship he’s completed during the specified duration.

Now, lets assume, another person, say Mahendra Singh Pony, interned with HRLN Delhi from January 1, 2015- January 30, 2015, and has NOT shared his internship experience with Lawctopus. He may share his internship experience with us for the purposes of this competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a person ‘A’ share the internship experience of another person ‘B’?

We are guessing you mean this: Someone who did a good internship but can’t write well, narrates it to someone who writes well, and he/she does the writing. Yes, you may do that.

In such a case please mention the name of the person who did the internship AND the name of the person who’s doing the writing. Please also mention both the Email IDs, phone numbers and addresses. If you want to remain anonymous, please follow the above-mention instructions for anonymous posts.

But please make sure that the writer depicts the internship experience accurately and truthfully. This is NOT a fiction writing competition!

And you can decide between yourselves as to how the prizes will be distributed. Our advise will be that you get a contract drafted (kidding!).

2. Can I share an online internship experience?

Yes, you can do that.


You can read the prize winning entries of the competition held in 2013 here.

The best entry of the 2014 edition is here.

The 2nd best entry of the 2014 edition here.

The 3rd best entry of the 2014 edition is here.


Please leave your questions as comments to this article. We’ll answer them ASAP!


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