LexisNexis Student Ambassador Program: Apply by Oct 16

Join the LexisNexis Benefits Student Ambassador Program!

Here are the benefits you’ll get:

• Welcome Kit

• Learn and gain practical experience to manage projects

• Be trained on advanced legal research platforms

• Exposure to our coveted publications – get free copies of select books

• Get to interact with our Authors and meet Eminent Lawyers

• Letter of Recommendation*

• LexisNexis book vouchers worth `5000/-*

• Potential internship opportunities with LexisNexis

As a LexisNexis Student Ambassador you will:

• Be the LexisNexis certified online legal research expert in your school and be well versed with relevant LexisNexis publications for your law school subjects

• Conduct at least two training workshops for students of your school on how to conduct legal research using LexisNexis research solutions

• Disseminate information regarding LexisNexis programs and value of our products on campus

• Represent LexisNexis in at least two major events within your school by working with us to create awareness and spread the Rule of Law

• Provide regular updates on campus happenings and share pictures of programs/events

• Work with usto create one major project for your Law School and possibly other Law Schools acrossthe region

• Create and manage a Law School social media page which is dedicated for answering questions on legal
research related to LexisNexis products

• Attend 2-3 telephonic call sessions with 1-2 webex sessions (for an hour) in a month

Application Procedure

Should send their resume along with a 500 words essay on “Why should I be selected as a Student Ambassador” to [email protected]


16th October, 2016.

NOTE: We have contacted LexisNexis officials and they have informed us that applications coming in by the 16th will be accepted.

For further details, click HERE.

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