Letter to Shakespeare by a Law Student | SUBJECT: Reply to your Quote Dated (Not Known) “What’s there in a Name”


William Shakespeare,

R/o England, currently

residing in all the literary works

and curriculum books throughout

the world.

SUBJECT: Reply to your Quote dated (not known) in which you categorically stated “What’s there in a name?”

Respected Sir,

I am sure that the subject matter would have invoked your Curiosity, and you would be curious to know the reason behind someone raising an objection to your quote, especially when hundreds of years have passed by.

Sir, maybe your statement was relevant in those times (by those times i mean the existing time period) when names and titles were given huge preference and prioritized by the ruling classes. However, times have changed now.

The “lex loci” of my country has abolished the titles and the society is well read nowadays (almost everyone knows you :P).

Sir, with the advancement of time, a new group has emerged, the so called twitterati who considers themselves equal to the Illuminati or maybe even superior to them. This particular class of people have opinion on everything.

They are so engrossed in their opinion that they sometimes replace/ substitute their opinion above the law of the land. I agree that everyone has right to have his opinion and freedom of speech and expression.

But sir, the freedom of speech is not absolute. They fail to understand that it comes with a restriction where you cannot abuse or mock the other people or make derogatory comments about the other individuals.

Sir, the battle of Waterloo, battle of Stalingrad, the siege of Orleans or the battle of Panipat is not fought on land nowadays, but it is fought on a ground/ battlefield called as “Twitter” (maybe Twitter will replace Belgium as the “Battlefield of Europe” in coming years).

Sir, sorry for wasting your time by invoking legal concepts in between ( I know you are already aware about the “Magna Carta” ). All I am trying to inform you is that, your quote is loosing relevance in today’s world.

Sir, if you would have written that quote in 2016 then I am sure that the twitterati would have sent you a legal notice stating the contentions that the name of person is his individual identity and it has so much relevance as;

  1. the name has so much importance that we have pseudo names, nick names, scientific names.
  2. describes or determines his religion,
  3. describes his caste
  4. nowadays the name even pre-decides your deeds
  5. it even pre-determines your intentions to do deeds in future.

Recently the trending debate was about a famous couple naming their son after some barbaric king from 12th century. I think they should have named him “Ashoka the great“or the mighty Bajirao.

While the first one initiated the Kalinga War, the other led numerous plundering raids on Delhi and surrounding region. Ashoka was also known as Chandashoka due to his acts Ashoka’s Hell

Or maybe they should have named him Jai Singh I ” who became a general of Mughal Empire. Or any other Rajput prince who did not participate in the revolt of 1857 nor in the freedom movement.

Sir i know that History is to be read as is, no matter what these people did, their names are permanently inscribed in history. They did what they deemed just and proper.

Even the Law, or for that matter Political Science talks about “Rex Non Potest Peccare”, or “Divine Right Theory of Kings”, and Sovereign immunity where all the power was concentrated in the king. With passage of time, this theory got replaced by the “Welfare State” concept.

Moreover, I concede that the kings were invaders during the relevant time. But was that the mistake of this child? I think we cannot even blame the kings too, for their acts.

Numerous factors such as unemployment, lack of education, no knowledge of fundamental rights, firm belief in ‘Might is Right’ and Divine Right theory of kings led them to do so.

Further there was no Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna ( Prime Minister Welfare Scheme) or social security funds available to them for guaranteeing their stable economic future.

I think that the comparison of this child with historical personalities is not justified. He has just started his journey of life and will be known by his own deeds.

Therefore, it is my request to you that wherever you are, please write something to address the dilemma of common people like me.


A law student


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