Length of Skirt as a Part of My CV

“It is important that what is the length of your skirt”.

“Are you single/committed?”

“Are you conservative?” “You would need to stay out for drinks with your seniors”.

“How do you treat your seniors will be very important, the most important thing it is, you understand what I am saying right? ”

“You should be fine lying to your parents that you are late out with colleagues in the night” (duhhh! as if).

“Do one thing, come to Mumbai this weekend and don’t tell your parents, I will take care of your lodging and boarding, stay here with me and I will tell you ways to go about it. I will show you the culture of the law firm. It is very important that you get accustomed to it before you apply and I will forward your CV, come to Mumbai for a weekend Neha and I will do it”.

After a long 40 mins conversation full of indirect advances, awkward statements, sexual innuendos and signs by a senior associate (in 2015) of a tier 1 (biggest) Law firm in the country, that were maligning the law firm culture and highly misleading a female applicant, I hung up without pouring out any reaction.

Partly shocked, partly sad and extremely annoyed. Immediately, I blocked the senior from my phone, Linkedin, emails. All blocked. I let few tears of frustration flow down my cheeks and anger kept closed within.

I still somehow got some messages asking, “What happened? Why have you not sent me your CV? You are coming here this weekend, right?” I ignored.

Today this senior guy seems to have left the firm in Mumbai and has his own chamber, he is featured as a top talent in legal industry in India, he uses such great accreditation after his name on Linkedin reading FCIArb…(though I suggest he should add a well deserved ASS**** as well).

It took me 2.5 years to (partly) come out with this anger. More than anger, this is an advice to all the applicants reading this post, a chance for them to know what silently everyone knows and should know.

Everywhere you would meet alike disappointments sitting on the other side of the shiny table taking your interviews in those sparkling glass rooms of law firms (other professions as well).

Assuming that you would succumb to their shallow ways and that is the only way to get through a tier 1. There is more to you and this profession than a tier 1. Hold your spine straight and walk off voicing and letting the other person know. AND TRUST ME, tier 1 or no tier 1, you would do extremely well in life.

If this senior guy is reading this post (he got featured on Lawctopus as well). Sir, you are so uncool and disappointing that I feel sad for your chamber and your juniors. May they have a voice louder than you.

Ciao! Good luck people!


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