Internship Experience @ Legasis Partners and Legasis Services, Pune: Good insight into the corporate world

Law firm Details: 

Legasis Partners is a full service law firm established in the year 2007 by partners having decades of experience and expertise in diverse areas of Practice. The firm has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

I interned in the Pune office which is at: B-103/105, International Convention Centre, Senapati Bapat Road, Jawahar Nagar, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411053.


Duration for my internship was for 2 months, but one can also do it for a month.

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Application procedure & internship contact details:

If you wish to intern at Legasis, you will have to send a cover letter with your CV and preferred dates to

After doing that you’ll have to call up the Legasis office in Pune and get in touch with the HR informing her about the sent mail because they rarely check their emails.

Your subject should be “Internship application for the month of xyz”.

Your body should be “Your Name, College name, Year you’re studying in, preferred dates, and other information whatever you feel necessary.” 

Your attachment should be your CV in pdf format.  Once you’ve sent your mail follow up with the HR team.

If you’re selected you’ll get a call from the HR team inquiring about your background and preferred dates.

After that you’ll have another interview with a Legasis associate. The dates and timing will be coordinated to you via email.

For the Interview:

Wear formals and carry a hard copy of your CV. The associates mostly ask questions based on your CV and some legal questions.

Me being a 2nd year law student, I was asked questions on Indian Contract act, which I could answer easily since it was in the portion that semester.

If you’re selected you’ll get a email confirmation and if you’re rejected they’ll reject you there and then.

First day of office:

Things to carry:

  1. Passport size picture,
  2. 12th result,
  3. Most recent result
  4. Aadhar card xerox.

I went in the office the first day, the HR gave me some agreements and undertakings to read and sign. Agreements like Insider trading, sexual harassment at workplace, NDA and internship undertaking.

Legasis Services and Legasis Partners:

They have two offices one is the company secretary office (Legasis Services) and the other is the legal office (Legasis Partners)

I was completely unaware of this and I was placed in the CS team. My internship was for 2 months so, I did my one month in the CS team and the other month in the Legal team.

CS department:

First day, the HR introduced me to the associate, manager and the team members. All of them were young and very helpful in every thing.

The main tasks in the CS department: 

Research about certain sections of the Companies Act, 2013, background research on companies, reading latest RBI, SEBI notifications, finding sections of the Companies act, etc.

Since, I was not a CS student I emailed the HR to shift me to the legal team after a month. The HR then moved me to the legal team.

I worked with the CS team for 1 month to get more knowledge about the Companies Act.

In time and dress code: 

The in time was 10.30 and the leaving time was 5.30.
The dress code is formals and Fridays and Saturdays are casual days in the CS department. (They have alternate Saturdays working)

Legal Department:

The legal department is a big team the team is divided in Legal updates team, IPR team, associates team and litigation team. I was in the associates team. All of them were very friendly, approachable and helpful. One of the associates actually persuaded us to write an Internship experience on Law octopus.

Main tasks: 

During my internship in the Legal department I got to work on various things like: Draft NDA agreements, termination letters and legal notices, I got to review and read Software agreements.

Made Compliance on Shop and Establishment Act,1948 (Central and states), Contract Labour, Labour law regulations, The Insecticides Act, 1968, etc. I also got to research case laws related to Companies Act.

I also got to work on a Research paper on  the recent judgment from “Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) and Anr. vs Union Of India And Ors”

Throughout my internship I got to be involved in work from different fields and got to do different types of work like drafting, complying, researching and reviewing.

During my internship:

I got to attend meetings with clients, they had various Seminars and Webinars by very knowledgeable people on various topics, one of the seminars was on FEMA, RBI and SEBI notifications and regulations and I also go to attend a Webinar on Sec.164(1) & (2) of the Company Act,2013 by Suhas Tuljapurkar himself.

In Time and dress code:

The in-time in the legal department is 9.30 and the leaving time is 6.30.

The dress code is strictly formals. And Fridays are not casual here, I had to learn it the hard way.

At the end of your internship:

  1. During the internship you will have to work on a research cum white paper on a topic they give you. So the topic for white paper for me was “Right to privacy” judgement, basically I had to read the whole 547 paged judgement and fit it in 10-20 pages.
  2. And at the end of the internship you will have to give a presentation in front of the office on a topic they give you. The presentation topic for me was “Crypto currency and its legal aspect in India” I had to do the presentation for around 30-45 mins in front of the team.
    Based on this and your punctuality you are reviewed.

About the office, Amenities:

The office is well equipped with everything there is a fridge, coffee machine, various teas, microwave, cups, plates, spoons name it and it is there.

Food Situation:

If you’re carrying a tiffin box then you can eat it with the associates at the lunch table.
Since it is a corporate building, There is also an amazing canteen on the terrace which basically has everything at a very subsidised price.

I used to go with the CS team and the other interns to the canteen and have good and clean food. The sprouts salad and chicken omelet are a must try. 

Best thing about this internship: 

I got to write a white paper, I got to read Companies Act, Labour law and acts, got to draft various types of agreements and contracts. The associates and the team is very helpful regarding everything.

Worst thing about this internship:

There are no court visits. Most of the time we used to work on our white paper and presentation and the worst part for me was that it’s a desk job.

Accommodation and Commuting:

I am studying in Pune so, I already had an apartment of my own. Since, Pune is a students hub finding PG’s near to the office would be very easy. There are many PG’s available near to the office at SB road.

Commuting is also pretty easy since you’ll find Auto and Cabs easily.


They pay 2000 as a stipend to the interns in Legasis Services, There is no stipend to the interns in Legasis Partners.


Working as an intern here gave me good insight into the corporate world. It was an amazing learning experience!

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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