Legal Research Internship @ Resolver India, Gurgaon: Research and Analysis of Policies and Regulations


Student Name, College and Year of Study

Mozammil Ahmad, Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, 2nd Year

Name of the Organisation, City and State

Resolver India, Gurgaon, Haryana


01st July 2019 to 02nd August 2019

Application Process

I saw the vacancy for the position of an intern on Lawctopus in April. Usually, the intern selection process is by applying through CV, cover letter or letter of interest. Resolver’s post was unique, the vacancy stated that applicants need to email Himanshu Singhal, the COO, describing why they should hire you in 140 characters.

I sent my answer and had a telephonic interaction with Himanshu Sir within 48 hours. Soon afterwards, I was notified about my selection.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

Resolver India is a digital platform for consumers to raise complaints in sectors like travel, retail, e-commerce, telecom, among many. It is a start-up with cause motivated by bringing the tech-based legal solution to clients.

Everybody at Resolver’s office is very welcoming. My internship started with the assignment of writing an article for the news section.

Thereafter, I met with Himanshu Sir to whom I reported to throughout the internship period. I met the CEO, Pratyush Sir after 2-3 days of my joining. They both have been mentors in throughout the internship period. The three of us have had few brainstorming sessions to bring out insights on how technological advancements could be useful in reducing the caseload.

Main Tasks

  1. My role as an intern included research and analysis of policies, regulations, legal research with a pinch of understanding the competitive landscape.
  2. I have done an extensive review of secondary sources to put together a report on the Insurance Ombudsman Scheme, Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT). The irony is that we all have read the Motor Vehicle Act but barely have any awareness of how these tribunals work. Now, thanks to Resolver, I understood both the law and its practical working)
  3. As a research intern, I have made a report on Consumer Complaint Ecosystem Report which consists of all the major Shareholder like NGO which extensively deals with Consumer Issue.
    The areas of research are telecom, retail, e-commerce, consumer protection initiatives, among others.
  4. Contributing articles for Resolver’s blog

Good Things

  1. You will get mentored approach to work. Both Himanshu Sir and Pratyush Sir explained research assignments in great detail. When sometimes the work used to overwhelming, they constantly ask and in fact, once, I was suggested to take breaks to break focus in order to on the assignments.
  2. Every student who wants to hone their research skills and have an appetite for diverse exposure should spend a month at Resolver India. These are not just professional gaining. Your knowledge pool expands during the research. For instance, I came to know about cheque bounce cases, MACT courts, Insurance Ombudsman-IRDAI functions, provision of new consumer protection bill. Understood how technological innovation can really help India in reducing the backlog of cases.
  3. I was not treated as an intern who is a novice to the industry. The professionalism and work-oriented attitude at Resolver worked perfectly for me since I am not a very talkative person and too much socialising was not expected from me.
  4. I fell ill in the middle of the internship period. Resolver has been considerate and granted me leave and permitted work from home.
  5. You will get recommendations and career guidance from people at Resolver. It is a small community who looks after each other. Plenty of opportunity for growth and learning for any student.

Bad Things




Accommodation Commute

Siknaderpur metro station is the nearest metro station

Other Info

  1. Special mention to Meghlal Ji, who was the most caring person in the office.
  2. I am a reserved person and not into celebrating birthdays in general. So, my birthday occurred in the course of internship and I intended not to inform anyone. However, that day we were all sitting and working together to create a survey through my account. In the password reset option, the system asked my date of birth. The cat was out of the bag and everyone at the office got together to order cold coffee, sandwiches, cake, etc. As awkward it was for me since I don’t know to think so I even cut the cake properly, but it was a touching and memorable moment too.
  3. Also, they have an amazing pantry, full of maggie, coffee, chai biscuits etc.
  4. On my last day of internship, there was biryani and ice cream as a treat for everyone.

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