Legal Poet on Legal Entrepreneurship: Damnity is the Only Way!

LegalPoet used to blog on LegallyIndia. I enjoyed my time there thoroughly and now hope to write for this website every Sunday.

The Only Way

Let me confess first

This entrepreneur is little,

The soul is strong

And the heart is brittle.

Or it could be the other way!

I jumped off the cliff

In the deep blue sea

And hope to swim

With pirates and pearls

And weeds and fish.

Oh! Let it be that way.

I did jump to test gravity.

I am swimming to test vanity.

And when I reach the shore and say

“That everything lies in Damnity“.

I’ll know (as sure as now)

That it is the only way!

Round the clock I swim and swim.

The sinews go weak, the lights go dim.

[The waves are moving. The ship is moving].

The mind grows strong and a push it gives

“Work for another hour”, it says.

Oh! That is the only way.

At night the waves, they go still.

Triton is pleased, and he the Whiz

Lets me sleep a contentful sleep

The content is joy, pure bliss

Of slogging hard, the sleep and…Hey!

You move again! The only way.

Damnity: Its saying “Ha!” to everything that holds you back. And then moving ahead to hold that thing in your hand and crushing it.


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