Internship Experience @ Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission, Jaipur: Research Project on Human Rights and Prisons

Name, College, Year

Saarthak Mongia, Manipal University Jaipur, 1st Year

Name of the organisation

Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission, Jaipur

Application process

Send your application to [email protected] with your C.V.

Duration of internship 

15 days

First day formalities

First day we have to report to coordinator Dr. Deepa Jain ma’am and register there with letter of recommendation , C.V. and 2 passport size photos.


Main tasks

We need to submit a research project which is to be done by the whole group and give Power Point presentation on last day.


Here we gained knowledge from chairperson sir, registrar sir, A.D.G.P. sir and A.S.P. sir.

We were taken to education trip to Central Jail, Jaipur, Central Jail Ajmer, Open Jail, Sodala Police Station and Police Headquarters for interaction with D.G.P. Jail as our research project was on “Human Rights and Prisons”.

Secondly, along with internship there was personality development too and daily homework was given to us, thanks to Dr. Deepa ma’am.

Best things

Best things during the internship was the interaction with the chairperson honourable Justice Prakash Tatia sir who was chief justice of Jharkhand HC.

Rating: 10/10

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