[email protected] National Commission for Women (NCW), New Delhi

Sharmistha Ghosh of UPES, Dehradun
writes about her legal internship experience in National Commission for Women (NCW), India.

Application procedure: I applied at NCW by going to their office and submitting my CV as a part of the internship procedure. The first day started with the orientation program.

I was placed in the Research and Study Cell (R&Sc) and was introduced to my reporting head Mr. Kaushik , his subordinate Ms. Pattanaik and my co-intern Anuragini Shreeya. The first day passed by with explanations of what we are supposed to do and what is expected out of us.

The work: NCW was working on their upcoming initiative “SAVE THE HOME, SAVE THE FAMILY” due to which lots of our work was directed towards the same. We were asked to make background notes and presentations for this purpose and present it to the Joint Secretary at NCW.
Being a law student in the Research and Study Cell, I was asked to do research and make reports on certain law related issues like the Domestic Violence Act and the Dowry Prohibition Act. Then I was asked to make a report on laws pertaining to rights of women. Such projects led to gaining of more knowledge about the laws in these fields.

As a part of the R&Sc we were told to do research and analyze the expenditures of the NCW funds that had been used for various events, initiatives and those given to other NGO’s and State Commissions in various parts of the country. Reading through more than 500 files was a hectic job but sharing the work load with Anuragini was a relief.

The basic problem of this task was to track down the files. A list containing information about all the files had been given to us but eventually all the files had different numbers due to which we had to make the list of 500 files again.

The work environment: All the people in NCW were very cooperative and willing to help whenever the two of us required any assistance in the given tasks. It took the both of us around 3 days to complete the work but they never pressurized us and as soon as we managed to finish a considerable number of files we were given the privilege of taking a tea break.

Anuragini and I were always treated as one of their regular employees and irrespective of being only interns we were also privileged enough to have got some days off due to any other prior engagement of ours.

The bad work: NCW receives a considerable number of proposals from various NGO’s and State Commissions asking for monetary assistance for various projects and initiatives throughout the year. Our last task at NCW was to read one proposal each and find out their shortcomings.

People used to come every day inquiring about their proposals and the fact whether NCW received it or not. Going through 500 pages of one proposal was by far the most tedious job given to us but we managed to finish it within the time period allotted to us.

All in all, working in NCW was a very enlightening and fun experience.

A big thank you to our college manager for UPES, Suyash Sinha.

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