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Internship Experience @ GMR Airport Ltd, Delhi: Strongly recommended for Corporate Law

legal internship GMR Airport Delhi
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LSAT - Discover Law

Name of the Author, College

K Sanjana Chana, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Name of the Organisation, Location

GMR Airports Ltd., New Udaan Bhawan, Opposite Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International
Airport, New Delhi.

Duration of the Internship, timings

23rd May, 2018 to 20th June 2018 i.e. for a period of 4 weeks.

Timings of the Organisation were:

Monday to Friday – 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday – 9.30 am to 1.00 pm
Every second Saturday of the Month is given an off.

Office and the Work Culture

The Office is fairly large and is very innovatively constructed. The moment you enter the building, you will find the atmosphere to be very professional and it is undoubtedly an ideal representation of a healthy corporate culture.

The Law team works on the second floor. The interns have their own cubicle which is very
spacious. There is a pantry available on every floor of the office. There is also a canteen on the ground floor which has variety of food items, sold at affordable prices. During the lunch break, fun activities being conducted in the canteen to break the monotony of work and refresh the employees.


I believe my Internship Experience was highly enriching as I had tremendous amount of learning. Initially, I was assisting in the Legal Due Diligence of the Initial Public Offering  IPO). I was exposed to some of the legal formalities a company undergoes when it seeks to prepare an IPO in order to sell its stock to the public.

In the Later weeks, I was conducting research on various topics under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Mergers and Amalgamations, Companies Act, 2013 etc. I was also given an assignment to read their recently signed Concession Agreement of an upcoming project and prepare its concise report highlighting the scope of the agreement and the deadline of various tasks to be achieved by the Company as per the agreement.

This was the first time I interned with an In-house Corporate team and if someone wants to gain an experience or pursue their career in the field of corporate law, I would strongly recommend them to intern once at GMR Airports Ltd. This experience was a realization for me that I have a strong inclination towards the corporate work and I may pursue it later.

Best thing

  • It would undoubtedly be the attitude of everyone working there. As much as they maintained the professional decorum while working, they are extremely sweet and welcoming. Even while working, they understand the capability of every intern and they do not overburden the interns. I have had the privilege of speaking to T.V. Ganeshan Sir and Jay Mishra Sir (who are currently heading the Legal Team) on many occasions and they guided me so as to how to go about my Career and Future Internships. I am still in touch with them.
  • On the last day, they provide you with a personal feedback of your performance. They
    specifically discussed with me the areas that I should focus more on. I believe such a discussion is very important for every student to have an idea of what the organization these days are expecting from the interns which in turn helps them to perform better and bag brilliant placements.
  • A very important takeaway from this experience was to learn to inculcate the perfect blend of being diligent and accurate at what you’re doing and to also be humble about it at the same time.

Bad Thing

Since the Office is located right across the Airport, you may face Network problem at times. But since I was mostly occupied with work which really intrigued me, it was manageable.




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  1. Sanjana, I am from Symbiosis Noida. I am very keen to explore various fields in law so as to find out what interests me. Would you please tell the way to secure an internship at this place. Please inform us of tghe Email Id to which the internship application is to be sent .

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