Internship Experience at Umeed – A Drop of Hope: Research, Writing & Organizing Webinars with Great Seniors


Name of the intern

Tejaswini Kaushal

Name of your college

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Name of the course and year of study

B.A. LL.B. (Hons.), 1st year

Name and address of the organisation

Umeed – A Drop of Hope, C-67 Jawahar Park, Devli Road, Khanpur, New Delhi – 110062.

Duration of internship

From: 07/09/2021 Till: 07/11/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I applied for the internship through the platform of ‘Internshala’ where this opportunity had been posted.

I created my CV with Internshala itself which gets submitted along with other assessment questions like ‘Why do you want to apply for this Internship?’


‘Are you are available for the provided time period immediately, or what is the earliest date from which you can join?’

I filled in the relevant information and submitted my application.

Umeed – A Drop of Hope regularly hires interns and one can also apply for the same either through LinkedIn or through their official website at

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I received the confirmation of being selected for the internship through Internshala.

I was added to the Umeed WhatsApp group along with 9 other interns by the Legal Head I was to work under.

The Legal Head at Umeed’s legal department are law students only, in their 3rd or 4th year of the integrated 5-years law programme.

In the very first meeting, our mentor specified certain basic rules and regulations that one needs to follow, that included:

1. Being active in online meetings (responsive with cameras on) and acknowledging WhatsApp messages.

2. She explained the structure of the legal department of Umeed and who to approach in case of concerns any queries.

3. She explained how frequently and what types of tasks will be allotted.

Lastly, the internship was virtual and hence the infrastructure was my own living space.

Main Tasks

The tasks were allotted on a weekly basis. The tasks that were allotted include:

1. Researching on and writing articles on contemporary legal issues of one’s own interest.

2. Indulging in extensive research on an allotted topic and engaging in a prepared debate.

3. Preparing a video presentation summarizing a landmark judgment relating to a contemporary relevance.

4. Delivering a virtual presentation on the allotted legal topic.

5. Organizing a webinar (I got the opportunity to successfully co-organize, promote and co-moderate a webinar).

And the final task was to obtain the certificate of successful completion of the internship along with the letter of recommendation.

One had to create a report of all the tasks they had performed during their internship period.

The tasks were engaging and entertaining, along with being a great learning experience.

Being a first-year law student, the tasks provided were extremely fun and provided me with a lot of important skills required for being in the legal field like researching, presentation, organization, and speaking skills.

Work Environment

The internship was virtual and hence I couldn’t get the feel of the legal fieldwork Umeed had to offer.

Yet in the virtual space, the work environment was accommodative, encouraging, and appreciative.

The mentor allotted was extremely helpful and cooperative and there was sufficient liberty given to interact and connect with fellow interns.

Good Things

1. The internship was fun and engaging and was not at all stressful. Interns were given the liberty to work in their own way and the deadlines were long enough to easily prepare for the given task.

2. It gave a great opportunity to enhance communication skills and gave exposure to a lot of fun and wide-ranging set of activities like debates, virtual presentations, and organizing webinars.

3. The environment was supportive and accommodating.

4. Provided a great opportunity to connect with fellow law students from different colleges.

Bad Things

No significant bad things were present.

But the internship did lose its pace, though in the last weeks as a lot of time was spent organizing and planning a single activity (the webinar).

Further no intensive legal research work was provided that would have been useful for judicial or corporate internships.


No stipend was provided for the internship.

Details about accommodation and commute

Not applicable as the internship was virtual and hence the only relevant infrastructure required was a laptop and good internet connectivity.

Anything else?

It is a great internship to go for, especially for first-year law students as it:

– Provides a great opportunity to learn organizational and presentation skills.

– Helps one enhance their writing and research skills.

– Helps one connect with fellow law students and create a network.

– The tasks are never monotonous and are very engaging.

I am highly satisfied with the internship program at Umeed – A Drop of Hope and was able to learn and adopt a lot of essential skills. The mentors were also extremely cooperative and helpful.


Tejaswini Kaushal Umeed certificate

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