Lawctopus’ 8-Day Legal Career Program [Oct 5-Nov 30]: Register by Sep 29

Lawctopus Law School brings out a unique 8-week workshop to answer most of the career questions a young law student (1st-3rd year) would have.

If you have just entered law school or are in the early years of your law school, this workshop will give you skills, clarity, and confidence about your career. (If you are later years and think the below structure of the workshop could help you, feel free to register too).

What to do? Why? How to do it? The clouds of confusion will be cast aside, though not completely because a bit of confusion is a good thing. 🙂

You’ll learn how to think about your career, how to specifically plan your law school life, CVs, internships, leading up to jobs in myriad career options that law affords you.

The structure of the workshop is as follows:

Day 1 [October 5, Monday, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: How to Decide What You Want to Do

  • The Ikigai Model: the intersection of your talents, the market, and the money
  • The ‘Be So Good That They Can’t Ignore You’ Model
  • Passion vs. Reality

Day 2 [October 12, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: The Many Colours of Law School

  • How to be successful in law school (hint: there isn’t one way)
  • How to do well in Academics, Moots, Research Papers, Seminars, Parliamentary Debates, MUNs (revelation: you don’t have to do it all)

Day 3 [October 19, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Drafting a Great CV/Resume and Cover Letters

  • What do recruiters (especially big law firms) look for?
  • How to make a good CV (and before that, a good you)
  • How to draft a great cover letter

Sample CVs and cover letters will be shared

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Day 4 [October 26, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Planning for and Doing Well in Internships

  • How to plan and get internships?
  • How to do well in internships?
  • Converting your internships into PPOs

Day 5 [November 2, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Ask me Anything/External speaker

  • Ask me anything on the previous topics OR
  • Add-on webinar on the previous topics by an external expert speaker

Day 6 [November 9, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Major Career Options, Their Pros and Cons, and How to Do Well in Them

  • Litigation
  • Law Firms
  • Companies
  • PSUs (government companies)

Insights based on 50+ interviews done for the ‘Law as a Career’ book

Day 7 [November 16, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Major Career Options in Law, Their Pros and Cons, and How to Do Well in Them

  • Judicial Services
  • Legal Academia
  • NGOs and Think Tanks
  • LPOs
  • Legal Journalism

Insights based on 50+ interviews done for the ‘Law as a Career’ book

Day 8 [November 30, 7 pm-8.30 pm]: Using Linkedin, Career Resources and Final Words

  • Using Linkedin to the Fullest: it’s the most powerful networking tool ever built by humankind
  • Career Resources: websites, youtube videos, TED talks, book recommendations
  • Final Q and A and closing

About the Facilitator

Tanuj Kalia is the founder of, India’s largest career website for law students.

He graduated from NUJS Kolkata in 2013 and completed his MA in Law, Politics and Society from AUD in 2019.

He’s the author of the book ‘Law as a Career published by LexisNexis and is a TEDx speaker.

He headed the placement committees in NUJS Kolkata (2nd year) and at AUD (1st year) and is a life-long student of topics around education, careers, and human development.

Logistics of the course

  • The course will be held via live webinars on Zoom
  • Each webinar will be held from 7 pm-8.30 pm on Mondays
  • If a student misses the session, they can watch the recorded versions
  • Questions will be taken via the Q and A box
  • Sample CVs, cover letters, reflective questions will be shared on the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • The sessions might be rescheduled in cases of any unavoidable emergencies

What you can expect from the course

  • Know the ABC and the XYZ of Law as a Career
  • Gain the right skills and clarity for your legal career
  • Know the ‘insider’ stuff which people at NLUs and big law firms know (and you might not)

Course Details

Certificate: Yes (provided a student attends at least 50% of the sessions)

Course fee: Rs. 1600 + 18% GST= Rs. 1888

Course duration: October 5-November 30

Course format: A 1.5-hour-long webinar on each of the Mondays


Please register by clicking on this link asap. Limited seats!





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