Via SpicyIP: Professor N.S.Gopalakrishnan (NSG) has been removed as Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Chair Professor at Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) without any reason being disclosed. 
As those in the IP community would know, Prof Gopalakrishnan is one of the foremost authorities and an internationally recognized expert in the field.
And it appears that the MHRD Chair coordinator on IP at NLU-Jodhpur too has been victim to an arbitrary removal notice.
On August 19th, Asst Prof Yogesh Pai received a one line notice that the Vice Chancellor of NLU-Jodhpur had announced his replacement with immediate effect, with no reason given.
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  1. Prof NSG’s removal will pave the way for other subject experts and practitioners , who can bring a better perspective to the needs of business and industry. Kerala and CUSAT needs people who can make IPRS a habit and demystify it. Am a practiioner with 25 years hands on experience and have been a speaker in at least two seminars conducted by business and industry on IPR attended by prof NSG. He enters a caveat at the inception of each of his presentation that he has no practical experience. Therefore he could never address or strategize a real problem in IPR faced by any enterprise or individual. Having visited CUSAT and interacted with their IPR students there, I realized that there were very few practitioners amongst them and emphasis was only on academic pursuits. It was found that there was no access given to law practioners who had court matters and for non university person who wished to take advantage of the WIPO resource centre. The CUSAT IPR department website does not provide any links to the vast reservoir of resources in IP available with CUSAT. The department has therefore not facilitated the filing of even a single patent despite the fact that they had the resources and talent to do this. Not even a single PCT had been filed by them. Prof NSG’s “dog in the manger” attitude had to end someday. CUSAT needs a person who can operationalize IPR, build capacities amongst practitioners and create the much required awareness and habit amongst innovators to secure and protect their IP. Prof Shamnad Basheer – the HRD chair in NUJS and Prashsnt Reddy who assisted him in Bengal created the spicy IP blog that did exactly this. Create IP awareness and make IPR protection a habit.

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