Internship Experience @ Leaders for Tomorrow, Delhi: Worked as a Campus Ambassador and Social Media Head

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Leaders for Tomorrow, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I applied through my college unit.

Duration of Internship and timings

1st July 2014- 30th May 2015 (Core Team Member)

1st Oct 2014 – 30th May 2015 (Social Media Head)

1st Feb 2015 – 30th Mar 2015 (Campus Ambassador)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The orientation program was held in our college premise itself.

We were seated in the hall and then a presentation was shown.

We were briefed about the organisation, our roles and amount of hard work and dedication needed for the same.

Main tasks

The tasks varied a lot for me.

As a core team member I had to plan and see all the events are executed properly inside my college campus.

Right from marking calendar dates to seeking permissions and arranging everything needed.

As a Social Media Team head it was my responsibility to see all the social media pages are active and updated. I had to keep everything in check and post regularly, come up with new strategies to increase the viewership.

As a Campus Ambassador of their annual fest- Date with Development, I had to make my own team and work for the event coordinating with the campus manager and other campus ambassadors.

We had our own stalls and worked to make the fest a success.

Work environment and people

The work environment was good.

We worked as a team throughout and when individual tasks were given everyone was supportive.

During some events we had to coordinate with people across India.

Best things

There were innumerable instances that I loved while being a part of LFT.

The various social service campaigns we held, donation drives and field trips everything made me feel content from within.

Bad things

There was a lot of mismanagement in the system.

They were themselves unsure about many things and made others work extra hours in the end.



Biggest Lessons

There is no bigger satisfaction than providing a helping hand to someone.


No, I live in Delhi.

Office Timings

There were no fixed timings. We were given tasks and were called to meet like twice a week for follow up and more frequently when any event was close.

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