Lawctopus Modular Internships: Welcome to the World of Practical Legal Training: Sign up by June 25; 900 Sign-ups Received; Closing after Another 100

NOTE: Dear readers,
We are aiming to reach 1000 'Yeses' so as to convince potential investors about this 

For now, we've reached 700. 
If we don't reach 1000 by June 20, we'd have to shelve the project. 

Please do share this with your friends and encourage them to 'genuinely' sign-up. 

Law Students!

Hello! Namaste! Aadaab! Satsriaakal! Vandanamulu!

More than 5 and a half years back we started Lawctopus to be of a ‘helping hand’ to law students. Our logo then actually was a hand made to look like an octopus!

A large part of that ‘helping hand’ has been providing you with ‘internship experiences’ of your peers across the country, with a view to help you make informed choices about your internships and careers.

Have the internship experiences been useful? Definitely yes.

Have the internship experiences solved the problem of law students getting great internships? Not completely.

Think of Zomato here.

It can help you know what are the good restaurant options, but cannot guarantee you great food and a great dining experience!

Lawcopus wants to guarantee great internships to law students!

Yes. You heard that right.

To get an internship, you:

  1. spend months finding the internship;
  2. send dozens of emails;
  3. shift cities;
  4. devote a full month doing the internship (that’s nearly 200 hours);
  5. spend around Rs. 6000-12000 staying in a PG for a month;
  6. spend Rs. 3000 odd on travel;
  7. and many a times, you feel like Hey! This could have been better“.

We hear you.

We want to help you.

Help is at hand. Right here, right now.

Step by Step towards being a great lawyer!
Step by Step towards being a great lawyer!
If you value your time and money and want to have great internship experiences, read on!

Lawctopus Modular Internships will be carefully curated internship programs which guarantee you exceptional learning in a top notch work environment.

Here’s what we’ll do:

1. We’ll make a list of great organisations, big and small (NGOs, lawyers, law firms, companies, others).

We’ll make this list by actually visiting their offices, talking to the people there and educating them on what an intern needs.

2. You’ll be able to apply for these organisations with a click of a button.

We’ll ensure that each application is read and responded to.

If there’s something lacking, we’ll tell you that.

3. If you are selected, we’ll ensure that you have a great learning experience with our ‘modular learning’.

At every day of your internship, you’ll be handed a ‘module’, consisting of things you are expected to learn during that day. These are the things which make a great professional and a great lawyer.  These are the things you’ll learn because we’ve fulfilled on point 1.

With such internships under your belt, you’ll turn into a professional who’s confident and knows the practical niceties of law.

With such internships under your belt, you’ll be job read and competent to even start your own practice (provided you’ve done at least 3-4 of them)!

It’s true! It’s true!

Fees and sign-up

We’ll be pricing this at Rs. 1999/internship.

The money will be charged on you getting an assured internship AND on you actually doing the internship.

Also, in many cases, but not all, this should be recoverable through the stipend attached to the internship.

First 1000 sign-ups get early bird access to the Lawctopus Modular Internship Program. UPDATE [June 21 3 PM]: 100 sign-ups left.

Based on your response, we’ll either start or shelve the project!

Interested in the world of practical legal training ?


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Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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