LawSikho’s GST Course, Applications Open

Are you a lawyer with indirect tax practice who is trying to decode the Central Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act?

Are you a law student who wants to understand the GST laws?

Are you aware of the career opportunities available after the implementation of GST?

GST is an unparalleled reform in the Indian economic system. Ever since the GST rollout in July, 2017, individuals, proprietors, partnerships, LLPs, companies, etc., all have been affected. One can conclusively say that there has been a paradigm shift in the way the indirect tax regime has been functional till date.

With the introduction of GST, companies have been trying to figure out how to cope with it. There is a new compliance requirement, and corporations are now on a hunt to find out experts who can help them sail through these desperate times. An article by Economic Times states how advocates are smiling as GST is creating a number of litigations.

You can do the math yourself. As per a report by World Bank, GST is one of the most complex and expensive tax regimes in the world. In an era where parties have fought for 12 years to get tax exemption on McDonald’s ice-cream cone, you can imagine what they would do to get tax discounts once GST is in full swing.

In my previous article, I have written at a stretch about the way law firms were preparing to combat GST. With firms sending their associates to other countries to learn the existing GST regimes abroad, to massively expanding their teams, there is a constant thirst for knowledge on GST and its practical implications.

Could you imagine the kind of opportunities in taxation that can open up for you if you have in-depth knowledge and the legal acumen to deal with GST-related issues?

Why is it the best time to venture into GST?

In an interview with LiveMint, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan had stated that India may see 10,000 to 1 lakh job opportunities in the first 6 months after the implementation of GST.

If you look at any statistics after implementation of new laws in India, you will realize that there is a rise in the opportunities.

For example as per this report by Bloomberg, there was a 16% growth in the career opportunities for lawyers after the enactment of The Companies Act, 2013. As per this report by KPMG, there was a significant rise in the number of competition law experts after the enactment of The Competition Act, 2002. GST, with a potential to affect each and every individual in the country perhaps envisages the biggest pool of opportunity.

With 11 types of tax returns to be filed, a new comprehensive list of compliance to be followed and a quest to understand the very basics of interpretation of such a comprehensive regime, you can imagine the kind of opportunities that can open up for you.

To ensure that you can avail all the opportunities that GST promises to open for you and to up your game as an indirect law practitioner, LawSikho, an initiative of iPleaders, introduces its online GST course.

Objective of the course

This course is an attempt to ensure that the concepts  of GST are clarified in the best possible way. The course acts as a guide to interpret the various “points of interest” of the GST law. It is made in order to ensure that all the practical aspects of the law are covered.

The entire course is designed in the most comprehensive way to include issues right from the taxable events to reverse charge mechanism. It is includes cross border transactions as well.

What are the course contents?

This course is carefully designed by a team of professionals who have invariably tried to cover all the aspects of the law in these 12 modules:

Module 1: Basic Concepts
Module 2: Different Types of GST and Legislative Framework
Module 3: Registration Requirements
Module 4: Input Tax Credit
Module 5: Composition Scheme
Module 6: Tax Deduction and Collection
Module 7: Tax Calculation and Payment, Refund and Rebates
Module 8: Compliance : Returns and Filing Requirements
Module 9: Compliance : Accounts, Records, Maintenance and Audit
Module 10: GST in Exports and Imports
Module 11: Other Specific Aspects under GST
Module 12: Sample Documents

Who has created this course?

The team behind the course include CAs and indirect tax professionals with years of experience of working with the top law firms, large MNCs, startups and government projects. We have individuals like C.A. Jigar Shah, Komal Shah and Abhyuday Agarwal among others who have designed this course for you.

Is this course certified?

Yes. Absolutely! This course is certified by LawSikho, an initiative of iPleaders, India’s largest online legal education company.

FEES: INR 11,800/- (including GST)

DURATION: 3 Months

APPLICATION DEADLINE: None. Apply anytime!

Where to enrol for the course?

To enrol for this course, click here.

Contact Details

For any of queries, please email us at [email protected] or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

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