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LawSikho’s Media and Entertainment Law Course: Applications Open

Do you know how to draft a music licensing agreement?

Do you know how to draft a suit for copyright infringement?

Do you know how to resolve a patent objection?

There are lawyers, and then there are media lawyers. These lawyers deal with the entertainment business. They have to not only know the business and the industry but be able to advise the clients as per their requirements.

What would would you advise your client if he has a film house or is into the production business, when it comes to talent acquisition? What sort of agreements will you draw in order to protect the client’s interests?

Think of an IP lawyer in a law firm. What kind of work do they come across. Recently, I was interviewed for an IP law job and was asked all sorts of questions. I was questioned on the copyright amendments, IP prosecution procedure, how to draft an objection, registration of trademarks, etc. In order to be an IP lawyer you must have knowledge of copyright, trademark, broadcast laws. In fact, you must know the laws governing the internet too.

With the advent of digitisation, the face of media and entertainment has changed multifold. From radio to broadcast, music, cinema, sports, fashion, art has become part of some application or website. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the biggest players when it comes to digital entertainment. Even the biggest broadcast channels have launched their applications to reach out to the younger generation.

There are lawyers who have to ensure that a particular technological advancement let’s say like smart fridge, electric cars, drone technology is secured and the owner/developer of such technology is protected to the fullest extent.

How do lawyers keep themselves prepared and updated in order to render their legal services in this field? With so much information available and so many laws applicable, how do they learn the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge? There is a gap in what is taught in law school and what a lawyer needs to do in order to provide legal services.

With this in mind, we at LawSikho, bring you Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Laws. This course is designed to address the gap in legal education where students have practical learning within their reach and do not have to learn only the provisions of the statute for the sake of education.

Click here for free materials on IP and Media Law!media and entertainment law

What is the career potential after doing this course?

IP law is an upcoming field of law with a lot of potential for lawyers as they get to work on a variety of new technologies. There are law firms with media and entertainment law practises as well as the companies with this area of work.

Then there are IP firms which engage in registration of IP, managing IP portfolios, enforcement of IP rights, disputes and litigation over IP, licensing and assignment of IP rights and such other work. LPOs, technology platforms such as VakilSearch and Indiafilings that hire hundreds of lawyers and IP professionals to register trademarks, copyright, patents etc at very economic rates.  The market is looking for experienced lawyers with knowledge on IP, media and entertainment laws. It is a great time to join the industry.

Relevant industries: Media and entertainment, Radio, Music, Broadcasting, Sports, Fashion and Art, Digital Media, Technology, FMCG (advertising)

Potential employers: Law firms, boutique TMT firms, media and entertainment companies, technology companies, TV channels, newspapers, social media, digital media, LPOs, production houses, music companies, advertising agencies, heavy advertisers (FMCG), think tanks, independent litigators

What is unique about this course?

Generally when we start learning, especially in online courses people start and end with reading the study materials. This course is not about learning the provisions of the statute and case laws.

This course is intensive and not just theoretical, it has hands on practical lessons, where your drafting skills are honed. You learn what lawyers and professionals do practically on a regular basis.

You need to spend 8-10 hours per week on this course. This course will provide you feedback, coaching from trainer to help you improve the work you produce. You will be writing an article per month under expert guidance which will publish on iPleaders blog or other publications. You will get a free course on professional networking, CV writing and interview skills so that you can easily find jobs.

Students who perform well in class get recommendation to top law firms for jobs and internships.

After completing the course, you will be able to perform various tasks that fall in the domain of intellectual property laws and be at ease with different aspects of commercial transactions, whether you work with companies or law firms.

Who should take this course:

This course is best suited for lawyers who want to specialise in media, entertainment or IP laws in law firms or in-house capacity in technology, e-commerce , FMCG companies. It is also suitable for law students looking with media or digital media companies, and entrepreneurs and directors who want to master legal aspects of intellectual property, media and entertainment business.

Training methodology

You get access to the study material through the digital learning management system, available on Android and iOS applications.The hard copy of the study materials is couriered to your address. You get live video sessions held after regular work hours along with 2 practical weekly exercises followed by written feedback. You get to ask questions, clear your doubts in the live session or the online forums. You get to learn conveniently on the go!

Money back guarantee

If you take this course, follow it diligently for a month, do all the exercises but do not find value in it, we will refund the entire course fee to you. It is a 100% money back guarantee with only one condition, you must do it properly for a month. If you don’t find it valuable after that, get your entire money back. How to get the refund? Read the detailed money back guarantee policy here.

Recruitment and internship support

We are the only organization in India which teach this kind of comprehensive IP, media and entertainment law course. Many employers, law firms and companies are happy to recruit our high performing students. If you do well in your exercises and classes, we can help you to get jobs, internships and assessment internships in good law firms, with renowned lawyers as well as in various companies.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to handle IP related registration, objections, oppositions, disputes, censorship laws, advertising laws,drafting end user license agreement, assignments, licensing. You will learn how to strategize and conduct and IP audit, understand the commercial aspects of IP transactions. Furthermore you’d be working on your drafting skills and learning to draft petitions, applications, etc.

How is content in TV programmes regulated? How can you complain against the content in TV programmes? How is the form, content and duration of the advertisements on TV determined? What are broadcasting petitions and Cyber appeals? What is the Central Board of Film Certification? Learn step by step how to obtain certification from the CBFC? Should applications like Amazon Prime and Netflix need certification for original content?

You will be able answer such questions with relative ease.

Module 1: Copyrightability and Registration

Module 2: Copyright Monetization and Licensing

Module 3: Copyright infringement and practical remedies

Module 4: Trademark Law and Registration

Module 5: Trademark Monetization Techniques  

Module 6: Trademark Infringement & Litigation

Module 7: Patent Law

Module 8: GI & Designs Law

Module 9: IP and Business Transactions

Module 10: Media & Policy

Module 11: Print Media Regulatory Framework

Module 12: Entertainment TV, News and Current Affairs

Module 13: Television Disputes

Module 14: Film Broadcast Regulations

Module 15: Radio

Module 16: Defamation, Blasphemy, Sedition & Obscenity in Media

Course Details:

Last Date of Enrollment: 30th September, 2018

Batch Commencement Date: 1st October, 2018

Duration: 12 months

Course: INR 23,600/- (including GST)

To enroll for this course, click here.

For any of queries, please email us at [email protected] or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

Learn on the go! Get immediate access on the Web, Android, and iOS on enrollment.

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