What Would Be The Next Evolutionary Jump In Legal Education?

This article has been written by Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO, iPleaders.

What’s the last big revolution in legal academia? Most probably it was establishing of universities that are dedicated exclusively to legal studies. Starting with NLS Bangalore, almost all the states have their own NLUs today. Some states even have more than one NLU.

While there is a proliferation of NLUs, the next step in the ladder never came.

In most law colleges today, and even in most NLUs, there are academicians (who usually have no recent experience of dealing with real-life legal problems) teaching sections and case law, usually devoid of any practical flavour, with no clear connection with upskilling or career progression of lawyers who take those courses.

Distance education is a bigger mess. Though started with lofty goals, most distant education courses in law just provide some basic study material, things you could easily read off the internet or a textbook and a certificate in the end if you can pass their exam. Basically, you pay for that certificate from a recognised institution.

Is this it? Is this the pinnacle of legal education? Where is the next step, how long do we have to wait for the next evolutionary jump?

The legal education system is broken. It teaches what it knows to teach. The textbooks, the bare acts, in some cases even original judgments. Then they follow it up with an exam and give you a certificate. This is not at all enough, evident from the fact that thousands of law students and lakhs of young lawyers cannot find a job with a decent salary after paying through the nose for expensive university education. ‘

They are forced to work for meager salaries for more experienced lawyers from whom they need to learn the ropes. Even there, there is no guarantee that they will actually learn much as everything is left to the competence, inclination and basically mercy of the senior lawyer in question.

As a process, learning to be a lawyer is painfully slow, very hard and fraught with problems that you have no control over. It’s fantastic for established lawyers but terrible for aspiring lawyers.

Some grey-haired lawyers have told me that this is the way and the best way ever to learn the work as a lawyer. My experience, however, says otherwise.

We can bring method to the madness. We can deploy processes and systems that speed up the process of learning and demonstrating your legal chops to the world. If we are willing to look beyond the next certificate to mention on your CV, and really care about learning, practicing legal skills, reading and writing, engaging with difficult questions and problems of law, then you can start your journey towards becoming an extraordinary lawyer right where you are.

There is no need to wait to graduate to start this process. The earlier you can get started the better. If I had the chance, I would start it right in the first year of my law school. But if you are a practicing lawyer looking to enhance your skill and profile, you can start it right away. There is the whole world to gain. However, there has to be a powerful commitment.

If you wanted the perfect beach body, something worth putting on the cover of a magazine, what would you do? I would hit the gym everyday or swim for a couple of hours every day. I will manage my diet. This has to go on and on, day after day before I reach my goal.

What about the goal of being an extraordinary, powerful, successful lawyer? Is there a gym or a swimming pool for that?

Are you ready to get up every morning and put in the work? Ask yourself and answer honestly, are you regularly engaging in some activities, like reading, learning, writing about the law, getting feedback in your drafts, etc. to take yourself to the next level? What did you do in the last 7 days to make yourself a superior lawyer?

At LawSikho and iPleaders, we do not see the future in selling content in a can, just courses that are recorded and put up online along with a garnish of a certificate you can mention in your CV. There is so much more to do! As an educational platform, we want to be known for creating extraordinary lawyers, at least for setting them on the path of achieving greatness!

What if we can give you weekly exercises to practice and then coach you on the quality of your work?

What if we help you to publish articles in your chosen area of expertise and help you to network with the top people in your area of work?

What would you have to do for one hour every day for next 1 year if we jointly pursue the goal of you getting a 100% pay hike in your next job? Or double the profits from your law practice?

If there was a gym for getting better as a lawyer, what would be people doing inside that gym?

I know my questions are weird and ambitious. But this is exactly the spirit with which we pursued the creation of online courses. We wanted to do what the NLUs couldn’t do, and we are succeeding at it if the results our early students are producing now would be any indication.

We are ready to take a confident step towards the next evolutionary jump in legal education. And this jump involves intensive one-year training programs geared towards making you a lawyer with more relevant skills, not mere knowledge by insights and problem-solving skills, and of course, a much better CV.

Let’s do it.

Over the past two weeks, we at LawSikho have worked overtime to launch 5 new diploma courses. The aim of these diploma courses is to give comprehensive training to lawyers who want to excel. Even non-lawyers are welcome if you want to learn these laws. The material is so simple, jargon-free and lucid that even a 10th standard kid can learn this. That is how great our material, our process and our coaching is, as it stands today.

With the ultimate goal of building the bridge between what’s taught at law school and what’s required to survive and perform in the legal industry, we bring to you five specialised diplomas:

  • LawSikho Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration & Business Laws | Fee: INR 20,000 | Course Duration: 1 Year | Seats: 20 | To enroll: click here.
  • LawSikho Diploma in Cyber Law, Fintech & Technology Contracts | Fee: INR 15,000 | Course Duration: 1 Year | Seats: 20 | To enroll: click here.
  • LawSikho Diploma in M&A, Institutional Finance & Investment Laws (Including PE and VC Transactions) | Fee: INR 20,000 | Course Duration: 1 Year | Seats: 20 | To enroll: click here.
  • LawSikho Diploma in Advanced Contract Drafting, Negotiation & Dispute Resolution | Fee: INR 20,000 | Course Duration: 1 Year | Seats: 20 | To enroll: click here.
  • LawSikho Diploma in Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Laws | Fee: INR 15,000 | Course Duration: 1 Year | Seats: 20 | To enroll: click here.

Give yourself a goal and one year. Then let us do our job. Let’s see where we can get to in this journey.

In case you wish to enroll in any of the above LawSikho diploma courses, you may use the course-specific links provided above. Please note that these are all self-paced completely online courses. You do not have to attend any physical classes as a part of these courses. Exams are also conducted online. To gain more information about the courses, visit this page.

The admissions for the batch for these courses are ongoing. In case you haven’t enrolled already, please do! 

If you have any questions whatsoever, just call us on 011-39595032 or write to us at [email protected]

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