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LawSikho’s Business Law Course: Applications Open

Do you want to learn how to draft and negotiate the different parts of contracts relevant to your client?

Do you know how to create an entity with a specific structure and deal with basic accounting, taxation and import export-related requirements?

Do you know the different methods to secure funding including foreign investment?

If you are a lawyer or a law student, you have to study and learn different law subjects over the course of three or five years. But that is superficial and theoretical studying with little to no practical application of knowledge. You have studied them for examinations and could not go in sufficient depth of the topics relevant for the real world scenarios.

I struggled initially as I specialised in media laws on the job, and the other relevant aspects of the job were difficult to deal with only superficial knowledge. So I had to set aside a lot of time to learn what I need to know for my company and its clients. It was time-consuming and not always effective.

Just imagine, I had to research whenever any general advice was sought about land disputes, corporate governance, arbitration, etc. I have had clients seeking advice ranging from intellectual property protection, cyber crimes, contractual disputes, tax issues, etc. I had to learn it all on the go!

What if I told you that you could find most things relevant that you need to know for a successful legal career under one roof?

We at LawSikho, strive to find what’s missing in the traditional learning methodology and the practical application of laws. The real world requirements of lawyers are much different from a general overview of laws.

There are multiple laws like taxation, contract, arbitration, merger and acquisition, information technology, etc., the knowledge of which is pertinent in their day-to-day functioning. Even entrepreneurs need a functioning knowledge of the various legal issues that affect their business.

With that in mind, we bring you LawSikho’s Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws which is designed to be practical and task oriented. The course contains the following modules:

MODULE #1: Structuring a Business

MODULE #2: Taxation, Basic accounting & Import-Export

MODULE #3: Corporate Governance

MODULE #4: Negotiation and Contract Drafting

MODULE #5: Financing Business and Raising Investment

MODULE #6: Mergers and Acquisitions

MODULE #7: Institutional Finance and Loans and ECBs

MODULE #8: Foreign Direct Investment

MODULE #9: Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

MODULE #10: Information Technology and Law

MODULE #11: Intellectual Property Rights and IP Monetisation

MODULE #12: Employment Management Business Licenses

MODULE #13: Management Practices and Law

MODULE #14: Overview of Major Sectoral Legislations

MODULE #15: Government Tenders and Contracts

Here are a few of the members of our Industry Experts Panel:

  • Anuj Shah, Partner, Khaitan & Co., Mumbai
  • Apar Gupta, Independent Technology Lawyer, Forbes 30 under 30
  • Ketan Mukhija, Partner at P&A Law Offices
  • Arpit Ratan, Co-Founder, Signzy Technologies [Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30]

We try to bridge the gap where traditional or e-learning falls short. You get a thoroughly curated curriculum along with reading materials, video sessions, self-assessment quizzes, weekly exercises and regular feedback sessions. 

This helps you build a knowledge base in a variety of laws like corporate governance, foreign direct governance, labour laws, intellectual property laws, information technology laws, etc. We help you develop your skills in this area with constant exercises and regular feedback.

We have limited seats in our batch. As we have live interaction and personal feedback along with weekly exercises and classes, we cannot admit more than 20 students in a batch. Do hurry and book your seats, as after 20 seats are filled up, we will not be able to take your admission.

Course Commencement Date: 1st August 2018, Wednesday

Last Date To Enroll For The Course: 31st July 2018, Tuesday

Course Fee: INR 20,000

Duration Of The Course: 1 Year

Seats: 20 (Limited Seats)

To enroll: click here.

Join now. The seats are filling fast. If you join now, you get access to the materials right away. You can start learning right away, and the exercises and live classes will start on the designated start date.

Do you have a question regarding the course? Do you want to explore how you can use this course to progress in your career?

Not able to understand how an online course functions?

For any of the above queries, please email us at [email protected] or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-39595032.

Learn on the go! Get immediate access on the Web, Android, and iOS on enrolment!


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