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All startups need technology and massively rely on technological advancements. Some are even solely tech based startups that help consumers and even other companies to make the best use of science.

But what do these startups need? How did companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Flipkart and Uber become as successful as they are now? They were all once ‘young startup companies’, after all. You probably guessed it right! People are what make companies great. People with knowledge!

In the times of internet with currencies are being digitized, there are innumerable laws and regulations that govern everything from operations, contracts and transactions. Without the knowledge of these, no company or its people can be able to achieve what they’re set out to.

Do you wish to be a part of these world changing institutions? Or have one such company of your own?

Do you think you can advice these companies about cyberspace laws, and the legalities and limitations of it?

Internet and tech-based companies usually operate in almost all parts of the world and various cross-border transactions and problems are an extremely common occurrence.

Do you have the overall knowledge to single-handedly steer the company policies in the right direction?

Do you know how can net neutrality affect these businesses? Why do you think Facebook was at the forefront of the fight against net neutrality and came up with ‘Free Basics’? What was the motive behind it?

Can you set up payment gateways and wallets for your startup or company? Could bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies be allowed in these transactions?

Can you ensure data privacy of the company’s consumers and make sure that no breach leads to massive downfall in reputation and land the company in a legal soup? Do you have the knowledge to frame policies that restrict such problems?

These are all tricky and serious questions that can make or break the backbone of any startup that relies on internet and other technology. To not know the answers to these problems can be unforgivingly fatal, and in fact these are just the tip of the iceberg. For comprehensive knowledge of ALL these spheres in just one place, LawSikho is exceedingly proud to announce a Diploma Course in Cyber Law, FinTech, and Technology Contracts. Yes, it is a 12 month extensive Diploma Course, and not just another certificate course that does not dwell deep into all aspects. Count this is to be exhaustive, thorough, and a path changing diploma in your career. Never ever have these three huge areas of study been combined together in one course, in the history of Online Education in India.

About the Course:

Information technology practice, technology litigation, E-commerce and FinTech are fast emerging, and some of the most lucrative areas of practice. Lawyers, CAs and business consultants have immense opportunity to develop a thriving practice in the following sunrise industries:

  • E-commerce & FinTech
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Cyber Security
  • Online reputation management
  • Software licensing
  • Technology Contracts
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Outsourcing
  • Software as A Service (SAAS) and Cloud Computing, amongst others.

These emerging industries need capable legal professionals and consultants, but there are few lawyers who know practical aspects of IT business, and most lawyers are unable to provide high-quality legal support.

To practice in this area, it is imperative to acquire a range of skills and industry perspectives. This Diploma course is built to fulfill this need. Here, allow me to even go ahead and say that some diplomas are even more valuable than degrees altogether. Did you know that up till this year IIMs in India always awarded a Diploma and not a Degree? This is similar.

What Will I Learn?

The course will arm you with inside-out legal and practical knowledge of all aspects related to Cyber, Information Technology, and E-commerce and FinTech industries. Designed with the help of top industry leaders from all the respective fields, it makes this Diploma absolutely unmissable. Some broad things that you can expect to learn from this course are listed below:

  • How to handle cyber crimes – legal actions and procedures
  • How to enter into valid international transactions online, involving cross-border entities across multiple jurisdictions
  • Negotiate, draft technology agreements and provide key strategic insights on various technological transactions and contracts – Master Service Agreement, Outsourcing Agreement, EULA, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, online payment regulations, cryptocurrencies, market-place models
  • How to determine appropriate business structures for outsourcing and e-commerce ventures
  • How to ensure Data Privacy and deal with intermediaries
  • The essentials of the IT Act and transactions and money recovery during banking frauds

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Information Technology Law
Module 2: Introduction to Technology Contracts
Module 3: Critical Interests To Be Protected in Technology Contracts
Module 4: Website Related Agreements
Module 5: Software Development, Licensing, and Acquisition
Module 6: E-Commerce: Law & Contracts
Module 7: Other Technology Contracts
Module 8: Privacy & Data Protection and Other Intermediaries
Module 9: FinTech And The Law
Module 10: Cyber Crimes
Module 11: Online Reputation Management

Who Have Made This Diploma Course?

This is perhaps the best thing about this Diploma that it is designed and highly recommended by industry professionals that are the cream of their respective industries. LawSikho has collaborated with the brightest minds in the country, to give attention to even the minutest of details in each subject of study. Let’s look at a few names!

Arpit Ratan: Founding Partner, Ojas Legal. Co-Founder, Signzy Technologies. Forbes 30 under 30, 2017

Apar Gupta: Technology Lawyer, Briefing Counsel in the Right To Privacy Case

Ashitha Bhagwan: Attorney, Royse Law Firm, California

Ketan Mukhija: General Counsel, SREI Group

Anuj Shah: Principal Associate, Khaitan & Co.

Pingal Khan: Partner, Ashlar Law

Puneet Bhasin: Founding Partner, Cyberjure Consulting

Sameer Jain: Partner, Pamasis Law Chambers

Shivi Agarwal: Partner, Amicus Services

Nishant Gokhale: Independent Practitioner

Jimit Shah: Proprietor at JPS Legal

Anjani Kumar: Chartered Accountant and Corporate Trainer

Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya: Founder, CSR – Centre of Excellence, Mysore. Former National Advisor, CII

Dr. Y. L. Tehkre: Former Research Director, NHRC, Government of India.

Benefits of This Diploma Course For Me?

The use of cyber law is immense in today’s world as things are slowly moving from the physical world into the world of internet. The regulation practices of the internet space are constantly increasing, and for you to have the upper hand in this developing and evolving industry, you must be thorough with all essential know-how’s.

No other course, book, website or blog will teach the practical side of Cyber, IT, E-Commerce, Fintech and Technology Contracts the way this course does.

Benefit from the vast experience of the Industry-Academia Panel constituted by LawSikho, comprising of senior partners at India’s top law firms, independent technology lawyers, Forbes mentionee, and lawyers from top foreign law firms, Senior Government Officials and so on.

Learn by watching exciting videos, flowcharts, animations and case studies – save notes on the platform.

For more information, visit here.

Is This Course Certified?

Yes, absolutely. This online course is certified by LawSikho.

Important Dates:

Last date To Enroll: Application are open. Enrollment for this Diploma Course end on the 31st of May.
Seats: 20 Seat Only [Only 20 seats for this Diploma, so better mark your calendars and do not miss out on this one of a kind opportunity.]

Duration: 12 Months [It is an online self-paced course and you gain access for one year upon payment.]

Fees: INR 15,000

Where To Enroll For The Course?

To enroll for this course, click here.

Contact Details:

Feel free to call on +91 11-3959-5032 or email us at [email protected] with the subject line: LawSikho Diploma Course In Cyber Law, FinTech and Technology Contracts.
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