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LawSikho’s Real Estate Law Course: Applications Open

By: Snigdha | December 30, 2018

What is Real Estate Law?

Does it pertain to purchaser-builder disputes?

Is it akin to land laws or is it only a branch of contract law?

Do you know how to deal with real estate contracts and documentation?

As a fresh law graduate I was unaware of what real estate law encompasses since, unfortunately, law school only teaches us the basics of every law and not specialised laws.

Real estate is considered to be a symbol of wealth in India. It represents 9% of India’s GDP and is a key employment driving sector.
It is also known to be a sector where laws and regulations make up a key business factor.

With the introduction of a law for regulating real estate developers, and a recent spate in the failure of real estate companies to deliver properties as per the agreement, the importance of lawyers and executives with regulatory experience and expertise is higher than ever.

Both clients and builders, and consequently law firms are courting legal minds who can get the job done and protect valuable interests.

Real estate law is one of the best career options for lawyers of today and it is extremely important that we as lawyers understand the various aspects of real estate laws to carve out our niche in the very competitive legal industry.

Our LawSikho Certificate Course in Real Estate Laws is aimed at ensuring that the basics, as well as the specifics of the Real estate law, is covered in great detail so that by the end of the course you are an expert at this subject. This course helps you learn drafting of real estate agreements like lease agreement, sale deed, etc, their stamping and registrations, zoning laws, land acquisition and ceilings, dispute resolution under RERA, FDI and NRI investment in real estate, etc.   

What do you learn?

As part of the course, you get to learn the different kinds of real estate agreements, due, diligence, zoning laws and bye-laws, dispute resolution, etc.

Here are the list of topics and weekly exercises covered under the course:

MODULE 1: Introduction to Real Estate Industry

MODULE 2: Components of the real estate industry and how they are regulated

MODULE 3: Real Estate Due Diligence and Transfer

MODULE 4: Agreements / Documents required for different kinds of transactions

MODULE 5: Real-estate zoning and bye-laws

MODULE 6: FDI and NRI investment in real estate

MODULE 7: Land Ceiling, Land Acquisition and RWAs and rights of tenants

MODULE 8: Administrative Authorities under RERA

MODULE 9: Dispute resolution under RERA

MODULE 10: Interaction of RERA with other legislations


List of Weekly Exercises

  • Exercise on issues with under construction property
  • Exercise on registration as Real Estate agent
  • Writing Assignment
  • Exercise on real estate project finance
  • Exercise on registration of Project and assured returns schemes
  • Exercise on Creation of a co-operative housing society (CHS), its management and disputes
  • Writing Assignment
  • Exercise on joint development agreement
  • Exercise on properties under the pagdi system
  • Exercise on real estate due diligence and transfer
  • Exercise on NRI Investment in India and Indian investment abroad
  • Exercise on due diligence in rental transactions and drafting clauses of leave and licence agreement

What is unique about our programme?

The distinguishing feature of this course is that it provides practical knowledge of the subject and not the theoretical regular study material that is available everywhere.

The course is prepared by the industry experts, lawyers, business leaders, professionals, bankers and partners of law firms in India.

The advantage of having them in the panel is that they lay down the course structure with a practical approach. Being working professionals involved with everyday transactions they know the exact legal complexities involved at every step of managing the business and hence they are better able to explain and make the learner understand the ‘what, why, how, when and where’ involved.

With every module practical exercises, process documents, checklists and case studies are given so that you not only understand the application of the laws but the underlying business objectives and their treatment so that you can actually do the work when called upon.

One of the biggest advantages and definitely a boost to your curriculum vitae is the monthly exercise of writing articles on topics assigned as a part of the assessment under the course.

Every student is encouraged to write and publish articles and build up their profile as experts. This improves your legal writing, adds on to your publications, and also makes you visible in the legal and business fraternity through your articles.

If one is a law student or litigating lawyer, or a professional, it becomes quite difficult to get the practical insights of corporate practice. The kind of knowledge available through this course is accessible to industry outsiders only when they start working.

Even interns in corporate law firms rarely get such exposure during their short stints at law firms or in-house teams, whereby, they lack in their professional development.

Besides this, the course provides the opportunity to interact with the panel and other experts and mentors through regular webinars, whereby, they share their knowledge on related topics and recent developments in the field with other details which are generally not mentioned in the textbooks like the stamp duty payable on a license agreement.

Also, every student is assigned a mentor to guide them throughout this course. You get doubt-clearing sessions in 24-48 hours, access to course content for 3 years, feedback sessions on practical assignments, access to the course on your mobile phones, be it android or iOS, exclusive access to the network at the LawSikho community and more!

Who Should Enroll For This Course?

The course is beneficial for managers, professionals and owners in real estate businesses, lawyers looking to specialize in real estate practice, law students looking to work in corporate law firms in real estate team or in-house legal teams in large real estate companies or in real estate companies and law firms, a real estate agent, owner, developer, dealer, or an advisor. Also to bankers and officers in banks, NBFCs responsible for business decisions in real estate division.

Let me tell you about the possible career opportunities in Real Estate Industry:

You can work as an in-house lawyer or an independent lawyer for real estate companies, specialized real estate law firm. You can also work in a bank as banks hire real estate lawyers as they finance innumerable real estate transactions every day. They need real estate lawyers in every step – from doing due diligence to drawing up mortgage agreements for housing loans. With new real estate tribunals being set up under RERA, it is a golden opportunity for young lawyers to establish their practice and credibility before these tribunals and also the government hires a large number of real estate lawyers as it is the largest owner of real estate in the country as well as for taxation and regulatory sectors.

Course Details:

Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: INR 14,000/- (including GST)

To enroll in this course, click here.

Do you want to explore how you can use this course to progress in your career?

If you have any question regarding the course, please feel free to get in touch with us. Please email us at [email protected] or schedule a career counselling session by calling 011-40845203.

Learn on the go! Get immediate access on the Web, Android, and iOS on enrollment!

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