Are You Taking The Bar Exam This Sunday?

Are you taking the bar exam this Sunday?

Are you confident of your preparation or are you still not getting enough time to prepare? Are you confused about where to begin, the slow pace of preparation, or just anxiety about whether you are adequately prepared?

Do you just need some mock tests to practice and get more confidence and a better assessment of where you stand?

Let me share my story with you.

I had attempted the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) a year ago in March. Based on the information that I received from almost every lawyer I knew, I was convinced that it needed no preparation. Since I had studied well during my five years at law school, I was solely relying on information provided by these lawyers.

In fact, I found the entire process from registering for the AIBE to payment time-consuming as I was working full-time with a corporate law firm. My schedule was not only hectic but also erratic. If I say that I only analysed the syllabus a day in advance, and had no time to prepare at all, you might not believe it. It was a culmination of both over-confidence and underestimating the bar council.

I think the whole magnanimity of the exam struck me on the Saturday morning before the bar exam on Sunday. I went out looking for a bookstore that would have bare acts. Having studied for five years in Pune and then shifting to Delhi for a job, I wasn’t very sure where I would find bare acts. While I did find a bookstore, what I didn’t find were the consolidated bare act manuals for environmental laws and labour laws.

The next morning before entering the examination hall, I noticed a number of people with huge suitcases full of bare acts and commentaries. I also noticed a number of people with fat guides. I suddenly looked like someone with almost no preparation. With access to no question papers from the previous years, all I could hope for was that the paper was easy.

I’m not sure how the bar council expects fresh law graduates to pass this exam with a set of outdated FAQs, no access to previous years question papers, and a vast syllabus. An open book exam is not as easy as many of you might think. Sometimes, when you go into the exam hall with the strategy of “I will look for the answers in the bare acts during those three hours”, you forget that a lot of questions could be concept-based or case-law based.

Let’s take a couple of examples.

  • Who has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha? (AIBE 2016)
  1. President
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Speaker of Lok Sabha
  4. Council of Ministers
  • Who is liable to pay compensation in case of death or permanent disablement? (AIBE 2017)
  1. Owner of the vehicle
  2. State Government
  3. Driver
  4. Insurance Company

About 30% lawyers taking the bar exam fail. Rather than being over-confident and hoping that the paper is easy, it’s best that you have a preparation strategy. Considering that most of you are working in courts or law firms, it is understood that you are short on time.

It is impossible to know the entire law, and even if you can carry all books with you, it still wouldn’t serve any purpose because it is a time bound examination. The trick is to be able to access the right information as quickly as possible given the limited amount of time.

Would a 20-hour preparation strategy work? Yes.

BarHacker, in 2011, came up with a comprehensive 20-hour preparation strategy – a systematic approach structured in accordance to the weightage given to each subject in the AIBE. The course has modules on each subject that is part of the bar exam syllabus in addition to past years question papers, mock tests and, hacksheets!

Features of the BarHacker Crash Course:

  • Available With Money Back Guarantee (if you use the course and fail)
  • Instant Digital Access
  • Free 15 Min Consultation Call
  • Mock Tests
  • Hacksheets
  • Past Years Question Papers
  • Carry in Materials Guide
  • Subject wise Study Guide
  • Practice Question Bank

Fee: INR 4,500 | To enroll, click here.

In addition, this year BarHacker has introduced a ‘Mock Test Series’ course which gives you access to a set of 13 mock tests and all past years question papers to help you prepare last minute!

Features of the Mock Test Series:

  • Past Years Question Papers
  • Carry In Materials Guide
  • Mock Tests
  • BarHacker Report – Types of questions asked in the AIBE

Fee: INR 2,000 | To enroll, click here.

There is no last date to enroll in these courses. We’re willing to help you know matter how last minute your preparation may be.

If you have any questions whatsoever, just call us on 011-39595032 or write to us at [email protected]


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