LawLoser Tells the Ladies To Give Love and Friendship a Shot [READER DISCRETION ADVISED *wink* *wink*]

By LawLoser

Why haven’t I heard many lawyer love stories?  Don’t lawyers fall in love ? I mean I look for love, good looking and interesting men almost everywhere; during moot courts, internships, court visits, seminars etc etc

Nobody has a romance story? Really?

Btw, when I say romance I mean ROMANCE, CRUSH, PUPPY LOVE, INFATUATION. And NOT sexual harassment, molestation and other non-consensual attacks made in the name of romance, crush, puppy love and infatuation.

So, this post I dedicate to two people, first the man I hit on and secondly to my friend who like me carries her heart on her sleeves.

I do not think there is anything wrong with healthy flirting, getting to know the associates in the law firm you are working in and being friends with them.

That one senior in college who is really famous and you want to be his buddy? There is always that one guy who is funnier than the rest. Who, when walks in cheers everybody up. Says smart funny things. He might not be extraordinarily good looking but his personality and his jokes make him very sexy!

Don’t you slyly stare at that guy and listen to everything he says and laugh at his jokes under your breath? Don’t you look for an opportunity to make a conversation with him?

Like waiitttttttttttttt , waiittttt to grab his attention smile and hope that he asks something or somehow you guys get to work on the same case so that you can talk to him?  Walk slowly around him to be in his vicinity? Sit of straight and put a smile on when he walks in the room? Want to exchange BB pins or numbers? Don’t know how to initiate a conversation with him on BBM or whatsapp?

Here’s something I did and I still do 😛 It is a GOLDEN RULE, I again do not want to share this but just for you guys:

On BBM or whatsapp, if you broadcast a message you know how it gets delivered in blue fonts right? Well, did you know you could broadcast a message to just one contact and it will still get sent in blue.

So do I need to spell it out to you guys? Or you have understood?

Broadcast an extremely funny or extremely smart message to that one contact i.e. the guy you are interested in. Hopefully, he will reply and not ignore it. At least my guy replied! BINGO!  Let the conversation begin after that.

I believe in giving it a shot!

Also, having said that we do not look for a relationship with these attractive people, if a relationship happens it is good but in the begining I think we just crave for their attention, we want to talk to them , text them, have long conversations and have inside jokes, go out on a date or two?

Soooo weellll !

adult rating
Not really


Put your game face on ladies! Life is too short , to not talk to that guy you are interested in !

I have got lucky ! I have struck a successful conversation with an associate 😀 And I did get a positive response man! As it turns out I wasn’t the only one interested to have a conversation.

I carried work home, if you what I mean *wink* *wink*

Befriended him! Had long conversations with him! It has been nice! Now me and my friend from work have a list of things that we’d do for each other. YAY ME!

So my story this is about the associate, yours could be different.

It could be a senior from college, a good speaker from an inter college seminar, a volunteer escorting you in a moot court, co-intern, even a junior man!

At every opportunity of a social gathering we are not always interested in the speech being delivered on the podium. Not always interested in what the Learned Judge of the Learned council has to say in a court room?

Is it wrong? A new friend or two would not hurt, would it?

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