We are Expanding and Hiring: Lawctopus Now in UK, US, Europe, and Australia: Apply by January 7

In the last 7 years (we started in September 2010), Lawctopus has become THE website for law students in India.

We have built a strong brand that connects with law students and is recognized widely by the legal, education, and media industries.

We are now expanding to other parts of the world and in 2018 our focus will be on UK, USA, Europe, and Australia!

And to make this happen, we are hiring for the positions of ‘content manager’ at Lawctopus.

If you are someone who:

i) loves Lawctopus and connects deeply with our mission to help law students; and

ii) can spare at least 2 hours every day regularly (except during exams and internships) including on weekends,

please do consider applying for this position.

What’s the work like?

You’ll be required to look for opportunities and events which are beneficial to law students in these countries and upload them on Lawctopus. The work is remote/online.

This tenure will be from January 15-September 15.

You are free to take holidays for a maximum period of 2 months during this time frame (for internships and/or exams combined).

What’s in it for you?

We are NOT paying cash-based stipends for this position.

However, what we are offering is lip-smacking good! We’ll pay you via three things:


You’ll be trained in all aspects of online content writing, publishing and marketing.

It’s as good (actually better since you are learning ‘on the job’) as doing a course on ‘online content management’ and such courses are valued upwards of Rs. 25,000.


We’ll help you with securing one internship (between January 15-September 15).

This is NOT a 100% guarantee (because that depends on a lot of things not in our control) but a gentleman’s promise that we’ll try our best.

This includes working on your CV and cover letter (which will hold you in good stead in future too) and speaking with all our contacts.

Please don’t keep your expectations too high or too low!


A certificate that you’ve successfully learned and worked on online content.

This will help you get further projects and jobs related to the online content industry.

How to apply?

Please apply by filling this form by January 7.

Please fill the form carefully, especially your responses to the question ‘small task’.

Your responses can be edited by you even after filling the form to facilitate you doing the ‘small task’ question well.

After January 10, we’ll be emailing all the short-listed candidates who’ll have to go through a ‘test task’ from January 8-15.


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This post was first published on: 4 Jan 2018

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