Lawctopus Turns 4 Today! [Rant Follows, Read at your own Peril]

Four years ago we started Lawctopus as a website for law students, a website by law students.

It was a fun project, started straight out of an NUJS’ hostel room.

We had an idea in mind, but had little idea what shape it will take.

Over the last 4 years, you (law students) have made it into a forum that’s very useful for law students, a website which checks all the boxes of a successful, popular website (75000+ unique readers a month) and a start-up which is self-sustaining (15L+ of annual profits).

But yes, we’ve miles to go. In terms of content, design, the little projects that we launch, we’ve got a lot to work on. And rest assured, that we will continue to work hard and continue to improvise!

Sometimes it’s the doubters smirk which eggs us on, sometimes it’s a friend’s encouraging word, sometimes the random message from the random law student and sometimes it’s the enticing deal by a big advertiser.

But what keeps us going day in and day out is a realization that it is Lawctopus’ dharma to serve law students.

Thank you for your trust and for your contributions till now. Here’s a hoping that you continue to repose your trust on Lawctopus.

In case you have any ideas for Lawctopus, or want to help us in any manner do email us at

Yours like a boss!

lawctopus turns 4

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