3rd Episode: Lawctopus’ Podcast on Future of Blockchain & Law by Aashna Sethi, Legal Tech Professional, LLM (Canada): Listen Now!


Tune into the 3rd episode of Lawctopus’ podcast ‘The Next Hearing’ for an interesting conversation on ‘Future of Blockchain & Law’ with a Legal Tech Professional, Community Builder and an Educator, Aashna Sethi.

About Lawctopus Podcast-The Next Hearing

In furtherance of Lawctopus’ vision of informed and inspired careers, we started a podcast ‘The Next Hearing’ in the month of May 2022. This is where our guests share their warm experiences to inspire and motivate the younger generations to take a chance and reach their true potential.

Hosted by Suhaib Salman and Akanksha Mishra, it is a law and literary podcast where lawyers, authors, and experts on law and books, discuss their books, writing processes, and careers.

The podcast is available on all major podcast hosting platforms!

The 3rd Episode of the Lawctopus Podcast: Blockchain & Law

In the third episode of our podcast, we will be speaking to Aashna Sethi.

In our conversation, we will look at Aashna’s journey from a curious law student to a legal tech professional. We will also discuss how the intersection of law and technology has transformed in the past 10 years of the web generation boom specifically focusing on Blockchain & Crypto.

We will also get an insight into the opportunities and alternatives available for law students, lawyers, and legal tech enthusiasts in the current world globally!

About the Guest

Aashna Sethi is a Legal Tech Professional, Educator and a Community Builder. She has also completed her LLM. in law and technology from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She is currently working as a Content and Learning Manager for Lawctopus. She also has a deep passion for Blockchain governance, DAOs, Fintech, DeFi and Crypto-space.

Listen Now: ‘The Future of Blockchain & Law’

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