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At Lawctopus Law School, we want to promote community learning. While one type of learning is top-down, there is another kind that happens through your peers. This happens gradually, and over time you see how this constant process gives you a compound return.

How it Works

We have the Book Club, which is a a members’ run club. Currently we have 520 members.

We pick a theme each month, and read one book on that theme. We have a few (around 2) internal meetings, to discuss the books. These meetings happen on Telegram Chat.

We then have a meeting with the author of the book, or a subject matter expert, to discuss the themes and questions in the book.

Our Books and Guests Till Now

In our first month, we read A People’s Constitution by Dr. Rohit De (link) and had Dr. De himself to discuss the book with.

In the second month, we read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein (link) and had one of India’s best SFF critics, TG Shenoy to discuss the book.

In the third month, we read two books, Black Warrant: Confessions of a Tihar Jailer and Behind Bars: Prison Tales Of India’S Most Famous, both by Sunetra Choudhury, (link) and discussed it with the author herself.

For our fourth month, we read East West Street : The History of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity by Prof. Philippe Sands (here) and discussed the book with Prof. Sands.

In our fifth month, we read Sex and the Supreme Court (link) edited by Saurabh Kirpal and discussed the book with him.

Our next talk is with Prof. Scott Shapiro on his book ‘Legality‘ (link). You can register here.

You can find all our meetings on our Youtube channel here.


This is free of cost. However, we won’t be providing the books, you will have to source them yourself.

Who Can Apply

Anyone. Although our readings are around the law. So while you don’t need to be a lawyer, but you should be interested in how the law interacts with society, economy, politics and so on.

Things I Should Know Before Applying

Please apply if you can take out some time to read each month (it won’t be a lot! But will require consistency). Also, this is a community-run initiative, so do pitch in when you join.

How Do We Operate?

We operate over Telegram.

What else should I know

That when you put together a bunch of people, some amazing things happen. Right now, the members of the club are building their own debate community, so they can learn debating together. Who knows what more happens in future.

How to Apply?

Fill this form if you want to be a part of the book club. We will get back to you soon (in around a week).


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