This September 26, Lawctopus will be celebrating its 3rd birthday!

Yes! For 3 years, we’ve been serving law students across India with quality, useful content.

Today, Lawctopus reaches more than 55,000 readers every month generating more than 2,70,000 page-views.

Internship experiences have helped 1000’s of law students make informed decisions about what internships to pursue.

Timely posting of opportunities give you ample avenues to utilize.

Career resources (CV, internship contact details, cover letter) and career advice articles (Protik Da) have been read and loved by many.

Personal blog posts by law students continue to capture the life and times of a law student today.

Most of our content is crowd-sourced. In essence Lawctopus is a website for law students, by students, of students. It sure is a cliche, but Lawctopus really is this.

Like you, we want to grow big. We want to grow big with you.

Lawctopus is now recruiting campus managers for October 2013-March 2014.

The following posts are open:

  • Campus Reporter (Keep us updated about events in your college so that we can put them up on Lawctopus and help your even become a success).
  • Campus Marketeer (Help us market both Lawctopus and its affiliates in your college)
  • Campus Journalist (Write blog posts on the stuff that happens in your law school)
  • Other (Want to do something else for Lawctopus in your campus? We’d be happy to hear from you)

Students from any law college, law school, law faculty in India can apply.

Only one person/post will be selected from each college.


What does a Campus Manager get?

1. Internships and Career Advice

The following organisations have agreed to give favourable internship positions to Lawctopus’s college managers

  1.  Rainmaker/MyLaw, Delhi
  2.  Selvam and Selvam (IP Law Firm), Chennai
  3.  FICCI, Delhi
  4.  iPleaders, Delhi
  5.  Jotwani Associates, Delhi
  6. Chambers of Mr. Protik Prokash Banerji (Protik Da)

We’ll be contacting more organisations on this

Of course, internship and career related advice on email, phone, Facebook or otherwise can always be availed by college managers.

2. Earn from Lawctopus’s success

  •  A campus manager is entitled to 40% of the revenues he/she brings
  •  Internal competitions with cash prizes

3. Get published on Lawctopus

In case you like to write, draw or create Lawctopus gives you a big tribe to showcase your work to.

4. Learn about web start-ups, blogging, writing, marketing, SEO and other things

All our campus managers get free access to some of the guide-sheets of the Lawctopus’s blogging course free of cost.

You learn tons about start-ups, writing, marketing etc.

5. Share and Earn good karma

The philosophy of Lawctopus: share and help each other out. That earns you good karma!

And by being a Lawctopus college manager you let a 100 new friends enter your life. Lots of conversation, lots of fun. PG hunting becomes easy. The lucky ones also get to date!

6. Discounts on courses

  1.  Rs. 1000 off for NUJS’s diploma course
  2.  10% off for all MyLaw’s courses
  3.  10% off for all Rostrum’s courses
  4.  10% off for all IALM’s courses
  5.  5% Discounts for Enhelion’s courses

This list will grow too

Last year Lawctopus had campus managers across 73 law colleges in India.

India has around 900 colleges, and this time around we want to reach 90 colleges.


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I am the Admin of Lawctopus. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. I am Torts and Contracts and moots and internships. I am your boyfriend! And your girlfriend too! Mentor. Friend. Junior. Senior. I am the footnote in your research paper. Foreword in your life. The jugaad for your internship. The side gig which earns you bucks. I am Maggi. Pocket money too.


  1. I cannot view the application form. Are there vacancies for Campus Journalist from individual colleges?
    Also, is there a personal ID email available?

  2. heyy….i hav been already serving as d Campus CLC,DU….so itz dat tenure done,,plzz do let me knw..So dat i cn apply again if itz so..! Tnkuu

  3. Hi, I applied to the CM posts just now, but the Google Forms response after I clicked submit was a tad illegible as to whether the post got submitted or it failed to (since my internet is acting up).

    Could you please tell me if the submission was successful or not, so that I could get back to typing the 300 word thing again in case needed before the deadline expires.

  4. Recruiting the so called “campus managers” has surely to do something with the personal benefits. But here in this platform, the personal benefits look too tiny at the hand it delivers back the “benefits to the community”….or better to be called the legal community striving out hard to make there pregence feel. And even in circumstance if the administators here are drawing some benefits…that should be appreciated as the token of reward for their hardwork they bring out here. Now what else people want…………..”just think with a brake….even in case u want to experience the qualitied professional legal edu. of NLS bangalore (example)….u do have to pay fee there…..”
    People want certificates for every little thing they do…..and that makes them thing that is something beyond personal benefits……..: people down your eyes.

  5. Hey Friends!

    Becoming a College Manger and representing your institution for a website, where huge number of law students come everyday and get benefited, itself is an achievement! Having a good network as a law student really helps in pursuing a great career.

    We are honored to be associated with this initiative for law students. We will be offering 10% discount to all the College Managers on all the courses at Rostrum during the tenure of their appointment. 🙂

    Anurag Parihar
    CEO, Alkemia Legal Education Ventures

  6. Hi, this is Ramanuj from iPleaders,

    iPleaders is highly appreciative of what Lawctopus and its college managers are doing.

    This is to clarify that we’ve decided to offer a Rs. 1000 gift voucher to the newly recruited Lawctopus’s college managers from our own pockets for the diploma course.


  7. It’s a two way process. You give and in return you get double of what you have invested.
    So if you want ANYTHING you first need to DO SOMETHING.
    Being a campus marketeer helped me. I got people to participate and got the my share for it.
    Do not be greedy Prashant.
    At least lawctopus is offering something. What do you expect ? Some million dollar big business deal?
    And the delay in issuing of certificates does not vitiate the effect of all the good things lawctopus has done for us.
    I vouch for the post of campus marketeer 🙂

  8. This is the biggest scam guys.
    Dont even think of enrolling over here.
    Last time they had given such fancy temptations just for their personal benefits. Not even a certificate is issued and also the so called HEFTY AMOUNT is the biggest embarassement. They give you deals such as Get Rs. 20 if u promote a course worth Rs.2000. Enough said. You can contact the ex-managers/marketeers/administeres from the summer so-called recruitment. The list is still available on lawctopus.
    Kindly check and decide it for urself.

    • Hi Prashant,

      Am sorry to hear that you found this to be a scam.

      However, the tone with which your comment has been made angers me. Rarely, do I get angry at comments.

      1. For most of the law courses advertised on Lawctopus, we take a 10% fee out of each reference/student who signs up via Lawctopus. Similarly, we give a Lawctopus College Manager 10% of what we earn [10% of 10%] (in case he/she brings a reference).

      2. This time around we have a different arrangement with the course providers. They’ll be offering a flat discounts to college managers. The referral arrangement mentioned in the 1st point remains.

      3. The fact that we’ve published your comment and the previous list shows our commitment towards values that we uphold (free speech and the like) and towards building a great website for law students and by law students.

      Yes we’ve not been perfect. We can’t be. But yes we are striving towards doing as good a job as we humanly can.

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