Become Lawctopus’ Faculty Mentor [July 2019- April 2020]: Apply by Aug 5

Lawctopus is launching its Faculty Mentor Program!

Faculty Mentors are our trusted advisors and mentors, our eyes and ears in various colleges/universities, helping us to know what’s new there.

Our Faculty Mentor Program is for the faculty members who resonate with our aim of helping students in their academics and careers.

Who can be a faculty mentor? 
  • You could be teaching in a law school.
  • You must have regular access to the internet both in college and at your home.
What are your responsibilities?
  • Inform us about relevant events and opportunities in your college/university.
  • Encourage students in your college (regularly) to contribute internship experiences, college reviews, and blogs.
  • Help us connect to various decision-makers in your college.
  • Help us in interviewing your college/university H.O.D for our new initiative #DeanSpean
What’s in it for you?
  • Good Karma: Help us in helping 1000s of students with their academics and careers.
  • Lawctopus Accolades and Certificates: We value your contributions and would send you a small gift from our side. It’s not expensive, but you’ll love it!
  • Networking Opportunities: Get free media passes for conferences and seminars where we are media partners. Meet the dignitaries as a Lawctopus representative and build contacts. Also, connect with fellow faculty mentors throughout India! (All of us will be connected via a Whatsapp/Slack group).
  • Help shape the future of the destination for law students in India.
Some other details:
  • Being a Faculty Mentor is a voluntary, unpaid position.
  • Minimum of 2 faculty mentors can be selected per college per course/stream (depending on the size of the college and the stream/course).

The Faculty Mentor Program will start in July 2019.

The list of faculty mentors already associated with us is here.

If you are interested, please do fill this form (click here) by Aug 5.


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