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Law Suits and More: Awesome Gifts for Law Students and Lawyers!

law suits and more: gifts for lawyers and law students
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Tired of your seemingly ‘law-full’ life?

Deathly bored of the scarily thick editions of legal volumes of the substantive and procedural laws?

Struggling to keep your sane self alive amid the daunting pressures of trying to become the show-stopping legal beagle?

Undecided about what you want to gift someone on their special day?

Worry not, worriers!

There are good breaks and then, there are some awesome breaks. What we have brought forth for you wins the second category by a landslide.

Law Suits and More (website HERE) presents a wide array of legal themes products which are bound to brighten your mood and day with their smart, little captures.

About Law Suits and More

Law Suits and More… understands that ‘Lawyers have feelings too!’ Allegedly? …and everyone (especially, the legal fraternity) likes presents!

They strive to make gift giving easy for you and your friends.

Browse through their extensive collection of Original, Imaginative & quirky gifts for lawyers, judges, students and your favourite professor.

There is a product for everyone in here, be it a notebook to capture all your progressive thoughts or a mug to sip delicious (or not so appetizing) coffee from (or tea, if you will!) while brooding over interesting ideas and quirks.

Check out the entire catalog at the official website NOW!

Some products worthy of a grand mention are:

1. Hard Copy Prints


Be it the conventional lawyer-booze jokes or a dig at the sleazy practitioners, these posters are bound to make you chuckle throughout the day.

Let them adorn your study area or your open office structure- people need to develop a definite sense of legal humour!

Click HERE to get started.

2. Paper Weights


Just like your work load weighs your sensitive back down, you can extract funny revenge on all your loose papers and documents by placing these hilarious paper weights on them.

Proclamations of your awesomeness and visible messiness will keep you jolly throughout the day!

Available HERE.

3. Notebooks

Capture3Got a thought? Hold it right there! Do not tap it away in your shiny Lie-Pads and Pad-lets. Follow the conventional methods, open an awesome notebook and fill the pages with your utter genius!

These pretty notebooks are accompanied by pages of hilarious illustrations, providing you the excuse to scribble, draw, create tasks lists or take notes for India’s next big litigation or transaction (or just pretend to do it all).

Go go go! Click HERE.

4. Mugs

Capture4Or just an excuse to OD on classic coffee or some masala chai– guzzling them down with a sense of innate satisfaction.

The satisfaction arising from false representations and the hilarious backstories.

Right from playing intelligent jokes on the judicial system to the loud proclamations- this collection has all you need to bring a smirk that your face deserves!

It always ends up in the struggle to find a mid way between a definite debate: To buy a mug or to get mugged!

Click HERE to buy!

5. CoastersSuper_Lawyer_new_versionNow where do you think are you going by committing a definite faux pas by ordering a mug but no coasters to accompany it.

Bring out the mannerisms, pull up your sleeves and admire your newly purchased (and needless to say, pretty darn awesome) collection of coasters.

Inspired from legal websites and Bollywood movies, there are the perfect additions to your classy (and classic) collection.

Available HERE.

6. Canvas Bags

To top it off, they also feature some all-toting canvas bags in their collection.

They are smart and they are snazzy, kind of what they are trying to capture in your personality, right?

These canvas bags are in 2 variants and have a pocket inside to hold the phone or wallet.

What is more that you can strut on the street by exhibiting your awesome bag by either using it as a shoulder bag or like a cool back pack.


The brains behind the project can be contacted HERE.

The Facebook Page is HERE.

The Twitter Handle is HERE.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Purchase these collectibles today and add some jazz and glamour to your life!

Signing out in 3..2..1!

This awesome post is a sponsored post and has been penned down by Neeati Narayan.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.
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