LAWCTOPUS POLL RESULTS: Law Students’ Votes: Ab ki Bar, Modi Sarkar ; Kejriwal Broom-Rides Like Harry Potter; Congress as Good as NOTA

312 law students participated in our week long poll where we asked our readers “Whom would they vote for?

174 law students or 56% of the law students would vote for the BJP.

AAP comes at a distant 2nd with 60 law students or 19% of the total voting for the party.

Congress has support of 12% of the populace, a percentage point higher than the ‘NOTA’ option.

Results of our poll!

Total votes: 312

BJP (56%, 174 Votes)

AAP (19%, 60 Votes)

Congress (12%, 36 Votes)

NOTA (11%, 35 Votes)

Others (2%, 7 Votes)

law student votes


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