The Best Years of Our Lives (And Have We Turned Into Our Parents)

By Suktika Banerjee

Its 1 am, you’re in Law School, far away from home and you’re questioning your very existence in Law School.

This is not the first time that this existential crisis has taken place, you quite often find yourself wandering about, staring at your law school friends like they’re aliens and staring at the teachers thinking, ‘SERIOUSLY? THIS IS WHAT I CRACKED CLAT FOR?’

Yes, it happens to everyone. Happens to me quite often actually, gets rather scary when you realize that you’ve made the commitment to stay in this place for HALF A DECADE.

And when you see that your CV potential doesn’t match up to the rest of them, and you are sitting there just wondering whether you’re ever going to get a job or not, and all this just in your 4th semester.


Your 4th semester, literally second year and people are already panicking about jobs. It’s like there’s no fun left in college anymore. All people ever want to talk about is your next internship, your next moot, or the holy grail of it all, will i get the job I want?

*Will you? I don’t know, but constantly talking about it, really makes me want to throw up and break your nose.*

People are doing things, they are achieving things and you’re just sitting there, nodding your head and biting your nails. Can’t do that, shows nervousness, WONT GET A JOB. *sarcasm intended*

I’m pretty sure, I’ve managed to depress quite a few of you, well that wasn’t the intention, okay maybe a little! (Share in my self-pity, people.)

The point is that we have lost the point. We have forgotten what college is supposed to about. We have forgotten that after we get these jobs, we will never see each other as regularly as this.

We will never have late night panic sessions before submissions, we will never be able to fight with the wardens about curfew times, we will not be able to blame some college administration for some weird rule they have implemented.

We’ll have to be ‘RESPONSIBLE.’ And before you know it, we’ll have turned into our parents.

law student life, law school life


So, no this is not some crazy person telling you to give up everything you’ve worked towards and just go party all day, this is just a slightly frustrated law school student at 1 am in the night telling you and every single other law school student out there to loosen up a little, to live a little and I don’t mean by going to International Moots.

I mean do what you love, do what you want to do. You like to write, then for god’s sake, write. Join the clubs in your college, GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF THAT EXCEEDINGLY FAT AND EXCEEDINGLY SCARY LOOKING BOOK.

But then again, if you love to moot, what the hell, moot. Don’t turn your college into a rat race; don’t turn your batch mates into your enemies. They’re not. They’re the same people you’re eventually going to be working with, not the smartest thing to antagonize them, now is it?


These are supposed to be the BEST years of our lives. Not the years we ran around like headless chickens.

And I am going to go attempt to practice what I preach.


Please forgive me if I hurt anyone’s sentiment that was not the intention of this piece.

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Suktika Banerjee is a student of the Gujarat National Law University and a Campus Journalist at Lawctopus.

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