A Law Student’s Internship Experience at The Hindu (The Newspaper)

A Law Student’s Internship Experience at The Hindu (Newspaper)

(Published on 25th September 2011)

Intern’s name: Pranjit Kumar Bhattacharya (Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies BILS, Bangalore), 1st year

Internship’ duration and timings: 4 week internship; 1.30 pm to 8.30 pm (At the end of every six days, one is given a leave however, it can also, be availed on an accumulated basis).

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Place and type of internship: The Hindu (newspaper publication)

Process of application: Applied through e-mail. They are pretty prompt in their response and the city editor of the newspaper gets into touch within a couple of days.

First impression about the internship: Great!

After a brief meeting with the city editor and the chief of bureau of the Hindu, I was introduced with the other members of the staff. They briefed me about the work pattern and other working guidelines for an intern.

Interns at The Hindu are expected to be punctual, sincere, responsible and have sound communication skills. So, be on your toes all the time for better assignments.

Work given to the interns:

Usually, interns are assigned a assignment daily which they are supposed to attend at the requisite time, get back to office and then, report to the person-in-charge of that particular, assignment. While he/she edits your work, you are supposed to guide him with the needful information and take note of the changes made in your draft.

After the first week, special stories for the newspaper are assigned to an intern depending on his/her quality of work. Special stories may be of the choice of the editor or the interns’; stories are also, assigned based on the intern’s performance. During my period of four weeks, eight of my articles featured in The Hindu with authorship credits.

As this internship is mainly recommended for first year law students, much of legal work should not be anticipated. However, you may put forward your propositions for few special legal stories mainly based on the layman’s interest.

One word of caution, loads of travelling to do within the city for the daily assignments and special stories so, not for the faint-hearted. If you have a tendency to develop travel fatigue, this internship is not recommended.

Work environment during the internship:

It was exciting to witness the sense of professionalism they exude in their work and as you are expected to emulate the same; this practice eventually transforms into habit.

The work environment at times, gets excruciating but then, again there are days when there is little to do at office. Interns at The Hindu, may not be assigned much of significance apart from the daily assignments; but the prerogative lies with the intern to look for work and assist the other staff members.

Staff members are always, very cordial and forth-coming with such ventures. Few of them, however, may put you out of place, but the city editor of the newspaper is a thorough gentleman. As long as, you continue to remain in his good books, there is plenty to gain from.

Best things about the internship:

Hard work is duly respected in The Hindu. At the culmination of my first week, I was assigned quite a few special stories which were eventually, published along with authorship credits.

There was an appraisal in the quality of daily assignments as well. I had a personal interview with Mr. Ananth Kumar, BJP MP, Bangalore (South) and Mr. J. Crasta, President, ASSOCHAM, Bangalore; also, I was sent to the Taj West End for an event. At the end, of the internship you have a wide plethora of experiences and develop great contacts subject to your communication skills.

Worst things about the internship:

The location of the office of The Hindu is at Shivajinagar – a semi-urban area infested mainly with daily labourers; as such it gets pretty demanding at times.

And yes, I mentioned already; you have loads of travelling to do which sometimes becomes excruciating.

Stipend: none

Rating: 8/10

Other things: If you have an LLM from abroad in mind, this should be your first pick. Most importantly, get as many work published in the newspaper, as possible.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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