Internship Experience @ Royzz & Co. Mumbai: Excellent Work, Comfortable Environment, Rs. 6500 Stipend


Your name

Dharm Pravartak Mahendra

Name of organisation, location city, team strength

Royzz & Co., Mumbai, (Andheri, Head Office)

The team strength is approximately 10 associates. 3 partners sit in the Andheri office, along with 2-3 interns and paralegals.

Office address

D-214 Floral Deck Plaza Off, MIDC Central Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (They are in the process of shifting to a new location, check the website for the new location)

Application process

I got this internship through applying via email to the firm. Shali Ma’am is the HR as she handles the internships. She’s a nice lady and will call you back if slots are available. Send in your CVs at or go to their web portal.

Duration of internship and timings

December 20, 2018 to January 20 2019 for a period of four weeks.

Timings- 10 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Only Second Saturday is off, on other Saturdays it’s 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The office has an auto service that will ferry you to and from Chakala metro station (nearest metro). From there you can take the metro to either Andheri or Ghatkopar/Versova. You can also get a bus from the Andheri (e) station to C – Cross Road, it’ll just cost 10 bucks.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office is situated on the 2nd floor of the imposing Floral Deck Plaza.

On the first day, you’ll be introduced to everyone at the office and Mahua Ma’am (The Managing Partner) will have a short introduction session.

You’ll be given a set of rules that you must follow strictly and yes, there are many but not too difficult to follow, the most annoying of which is that you cannot leave office before 8:00 P.M. (you might as well find work and stay engaged till then) although exceptions can be made in special circumstances.

The Royzz office is decently sized and is well maintained. You can make your own tea and coffee as and when you like or ask any of the office help to do it.

On my first day, I was asked to wait in the work area by the office help. Then we met the associates and were asked about our preference in the area of work. Since it’s a firm which is mainly focused on IPR, you can choose from any of the fields in IPR, they also do Corporate work, so you can take your pick from that field too.

We were required to sign a non-disclosure form. After the formalities were done, we were shown our desks and introduced to our teams. The work gets assigned either on phone or personally. There is an email id for the interns from which they can access official mails and the allotted work to the relevant team. You need to email all research and relevant material, which can then be used by the concerned associate.

Main tasks

Mainly I did a lot of research work in patent portfolio management: trademark law, copyright filing, evidence act, etc. Apart from the research work, I was also given a lot of documents to be reduced into briefs for Mahua Ma’am or any other associate, document mapping and cross-referencing work, trademark auditing and Due Diligence work was also given on some occasions, however those occasions were few.

However, I was fortunate enough to assist Mahua ma’am in preparing her lecture for an international conference and a multi million dollar IPAB matter.

Work environment, people

The work environment was very healthy and relaxed. The associates were more than welcoming and kind. Even if you asked to explain the proposition twice or thrice, they were up for it. They did not just assign the work and be done with it but had in-depth discussions also on the subject.

No one made you feel like an outsider and everybody was cordial and warm towards all. The office help was extremely polite and kind and took notice of your habits and helped accordingly.

Best things

There was a plethora of work. I did not get the opportunity to sit idle at any given time. Either the work was assigned to me or I had to go and ask. I was occupied almost the entire month working on something or the other, which made working fun.

The most striking feature of the firm was the work environment and culture. The associates here are kind, and cheerful always ready to lend a hand to the distressed intern. There was healthy interaction among the people, and much was shared over lunch.

Mahua ma’am personally took out the time to interact with each person in the office and ask about what they were working on and would give insights if any were required.

Bad things

There wasn’t anything bad per se but if one were to nitpick then, you had to stay in office till, 8:00 irrespective of you having completed the work allotted, and you had to work on Saturday, except 2nd Saturday (which was a relief)

Places to eat, chill

The office is located in a very busy area and there are several places to eat nearby. There are many roadside stalls also to have delicious fast food. If you want to chill after office hours then, there are tonnes of cafes and restaurants in the Andheri area, which are in 3-4 kilometer radius. If you want to do things fancy, then Raddison Blu and Golden Finch are located right down the street.


Yes, the base stipend is INR 6500/- you may get paid more depending on your performance.


I stayed with relatives in Navi Mumbai. Which made my journey distance and time almost 1.5 hours for one side, but considering the size of Mumbai, it was decent. The distance between my house to the office was approximately 35 kilometers.

I used to take the 08:01 Andheri Local from Nerul to reach Andheri by 9:15 and then it was a 25 minute bus ride, which would drop me right at the gate of the building.

I took so much pain travelling because I saved a lot of money in accommodation and food, which can be seriously expensive in Mumbai.

If you have relatives, stay with them. If not, then try getting a PG near your office, preferably walking distance, because the traffic is a nightmare in Andheri and it could cost you up to 100-120 bucks for just 3-4 kilometers in an auto due to the crazy traffic.

Take Away

It is a great experience for people willing to learn and work in the field of IPR. Mahua ma’am is a very patient mentor and a very welcoming lady with a knack for personally connecting with everyone who works in her office. The fact that the firm has been featured in the Legal 500 – Asia Pacific, gives much credence to the continued work of the firm and Mahua ma’am.

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