Maha Lacto Toffee 1 (A First Internship Memoir)

I had researched hard, nearly painstakingly, to finally arrive at the place where I wanted to do my first internship.

It was a small law firm which excited me because of all the usual reasons: personal attention, more work and thus lots to learn.

I had looked up the partners on the internet and they seemed well qualified, well read and well dressed.

The law firm was at the place I lived then which was a bonus. A week ago, a senior’s advice had went like this: “You’ll never get to live with your parents much after your first year”.

And thus I applied. An email. The CV. Sent.

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I got a reply some hours later and they told me to write a  5 page long essay on some topic.

I wrote that. In 2 hours. I was excited and there to prove a point to the well qualified, well read and well dressed gentlemen. Secretly, I wanted them to pay me well too.

They called me back the day later.

Some bits I remember from the call:

He: “Oh! You are a FIRST (emphasis) year student” (damn!)

He: “We liked your essay” (yay!)

He: “Let me check with my colleague” (heart in mouth)

He: “Will tell you a day later” (am not good at waiting)

Moi: “Sir, we are taught about using online databases, Manupatra and Lexis Nexis, in our first year here” (pleading, desperate)

He: “We generally get applications from Army Institute; not many from National Colleges” (smug)

He: “We’ll let you know in an email” (if it were a sword-fight, we both had tied, but I was dead).

Here is how my email went:

Name: taanuj kaalia [1]

Subject: Query regarding internship

Respected Sir/Madam

I am a first year law student at NUJS, Kolkata (National Law School, Kolkata).

I have also done an online course on IPR from WIPO.

Could you please tell regarding your firm’s procedure of taking interns. I am pretty eager to intern with you in the month of May/June (as per your requirements).

Hoping to hear from you.

With cartloads [2] of regards

[1]:  I do not believe in all that extra-alphabets-voodoo-with-the-name thing which many Indian actors do. I justdidn’tknow that my name in the email read taanuj kaalia.

[2]: Cartloads was a word I first read in a letter sent by my Aussie cousin. Cartloads seemed such a lovely word and I didn’t refrain from using it here. On second thoughts, cartloads is too lovely!

Here is what their reply was:

Dear Tanuj Kalia

Thank you for your email. Your CV seems to be impressive [1]. Regarding your internship, you are welcome to intern with us. But, you shall be responsible for your own maintenance and accommodation requirements [2].

Do you have any arrangements to stay in Blah.

The month of June is not suitable to us, as the court shall be closed for vacations, and also we shall be abroad in connection with our professional commitments [3].

Would 15 April to 15 May or 20 April to 20 May 2009 be suitable to you. Kindly revert accordingly.

Best wishes

Yours sincerely

 [1] Ahem!

[2] Stern. Dislike.

[3] Trying hard to impress. But I felt good too: “They get work from abroad, should be good”

Lacto Toffee; the name will make sense soon.

PS- I hate the toffee.

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