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Even those who follow the development of legal education and law schools in India would know very little about, say, a M S Ramaih College of Law, Bangalore or a Law College Dehradun.

Forget these lesser known law colleges, information about some of the newer NLUs, the likes of NUSRL Ranchi or NLU Assam also is nowhere to be found.

While law aspirants across India can choose the top 20-25 law schools (with some help from India Today or Outlook), that’s just about 2000-25000 seats/students!

How does the rest of the population choose law schools? Through prospectuses and websites (which are basically advertisement brochures)!?

We at Lawctopus are trying our bit to remedy this odd.

The solution is not perfect but is definitely a useful start. ‘Law School Reviews’ (just like ‘Internship Experiences’) will be subjective, but will surely help law aspirants with opinion and information.

We have published 33 of them here.

Around 70 odd are pending and since we have a tiny editorial team, this will take 20-25 days to publish.

If you’d like to contribute a ‘Law School Review’, please fill the form here.

Even if a ‘review’ about your law school has been published, another piece will only help add rigour to the information/opinion being formed. The more the better!


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