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Law School Review: National Law University, Delhi


Full name of your law school

National Law University, Delhi

Which semester are you in?

Fifth Semester

Faculty and Academics of NLU Delhi

The class hours for the first three years are 9 AM-11.25 AM with three lectures of 45 minutes each and a five minute gap between each lecture. This is followed by a tea break for 20 minutes.

Classes resume at 11.45 AM and end at 1:20 PM. The first three years have tutorial lectures from 2.30-3.30 PM but often the professors waive them/ attendance is granted for attending some talk happening at the University.

The fourth years have classes till 12.30 PM.

To graduate, a student has to complete 50 courses i.e. 10 courses a year ( 5 every semester). The first three years have compulsory subject while the fourth years can choose a subject each semester and have 4 compulsory subjects. The fifth years have two compulsory subjects while the others can be chosen.

The evaluation methodology until the batch of 2013 was a 8 point grading system, however from the batch of 2014, a 7 point grading system is used.

The faculty for the first two years is generally average to low standard. However, third year onwards the quality improves and some amazing faculty is used.

Best faculty members include Anup Surendranath, Mrinal Satish, Aparna Chandra, Akila R, Ruhi Paul, Jeet Singh Maan, Babu Mathew, A Jayagovind, AN Rai etc. Also, the optional i.e. seminar subjects are taken by the cream of the field (locational advantage).

Student Culture and Activities


NLUD has been hosting the South Asian Rounds of the Oxford Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition and the Indian Vis Pre-Moot for the past few years.

Mooting is actively encouraged, however the selection policy is subject to change every year and is often volatile.

However, participation in a moot earns several perks including complete funding for travel ( trains for domestic moots), accommodation (if not provided by moot organisers) and registration fee.

This, and certain project exemptions (policy changes every year) are also offered. A similar policy has been followed with regard to ADR.

The HSF Negotiation was hosted at the University last year and shall be hosted this year as well. Participation in an ADR competition does not warrant a project exemption.


The University is equipped with a basketball and volleyball court which at certain times is not upto the mark.

An intra-University Basketball league and Football league is run, and the first semester of the new Academic year witnesses “Balls to Justice”, an inter-batch football tournament.


The college has hosted two editions of Kairos, the flagship cultural fest of the college. The administration has been extremely supportive in that regard despite certain obstacles.

Hafta Vasool, an intra-college fest, is another notable event along with the Literary and Debating week which involves quizzes, debates, literary games etc.


The University hosts the Prof.Ghanshyamsingh Memorial Debate annually which sees participation from over 50 teams and has slowly become one of the most prestigious competitions in the country, praised highly for its adjudication, hospitality and transparent scoring.

Prominent activities/clubs/societies:

The University is home to a diverse variety of interests:

1. Audi Altarem Partem- This is the student run magazine, published generally twice a semester, providing a forum for budding writers, poets etc to let loose their creative genius.

2. Glasnost- This is the student run newsletter, run in the form of an online blog.

3. Public Law and Policy Discussion Group- This is a student run group which aims to promote the culture of public law and policy discussions on campus using events such as guest speakers, internal discussions, newsletters etc

4.Cinema Club- The Cinema Club organises a movie screening every Monday at 9 PM. The movies include a wide variety including documentaries, world cinema, critically acclaimed movies etc


NLUD is located in Dwarka Sector-14, a suburb located at the edge of Delhi, although the connectivity is very good as compared to the other NLUs.

The metro station is right behind the university building and is barely a 2 minute walk from there.

The Sector 12 and Sector 12 markets are nearby (10-15 minutes) and satisfy all basic needs such as stationery, printing, food (Dominos, Pizza Hut, CCD, Subway etc). There are quite a few restaurants nearby which deliver as well.


See: http://nludelhi.ac.in/stu-int.aspx

See: http://nludelhi.ac.in/stu-plac.aspx

These are the official lists and figures as provided by the University

Administration and Fees 

Fees is 1.82 (lakhs) for the first two years, 1.57 (lakhs) for the 3rd and 4th and 1.34 (lakhs) for the last.

This excludes a mess fee of Rs.15,000 every semester, which rolls over if left, onto the next semester, but not the next year.

The curfew timings are 6 PM for entering the University and 9 PM for entering the hostel.

The library is open till midnight though, so a student can exit the hostel after signing on a register. Overall, the curfew is imposed very lightly, but is extremely arbitrary in application.

The administration is difficult to work with and processing anything takes a minimum of at least a month.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college


For the first three years, students live in three-tier rooms and from the 4th year, they get two-tier rooms with balconies.

In special cases, the store room can be emptied to be used as a single room, however arrangements such as cupboard and fan have to be made.

The rooms are compact but clean. Every floor has sixteen rooms, and four bathrooms. Each bathroom has 2 shower cubicles, 2 toilets and 3 wash basins. In effect, 4 rooms share a bathroom.

The hostels and the bathrooms are cleaned daily, and that too during class hours so students are not disturbed. Basic hygiene and cleanliness is present.

Every floor has four water coolers. Even though hot water facilities are present, they are defunct and largely inaccessible as they have to be repaired when winter starts.

Hostels are complete WiFi zones. Every hostel has a common room which has a 42 inch television equipped with a Tata Sky connection, a billiards table and a table tennis table. Every hostel also has a well maintained gym which can be used whenever needed.

The mess used to be run on contract but is now run completely by students who handle everything from payment of workers to the menu. The food is average to good, with non-vegetarian food available twice a week.

Academic block:

Modern, has both large and small classrooms. All rooms are equipped with an e-station and projector. It also houses multiple world class conference rooms which are used for seminars, conferences, talks etc.

A moot-court hall with a seating capacity of 160 and possessing world-class e-moot facilities is present, which is completely functional (is used for the Vis Pre-Moot). The Academic Block is completely air-conditioned and is also a complete Wifi zone.

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  1. There are couple of wrong facts given here. Two at least I could see. Firstly, the fifth years have three compulsory subjects, and not two (which is mentioned); the remaining two are seminars. Secondly, the fee for the fourth and fifth years is the same; the third years and the second years have the same fee. You should verify the facts before publishing them.

  2. Lawctopus please do a ranking of faculty of the NLUs. NLUD will surely be number 1. It is unfortunate that you are not doing this because it will burst the NLSIU myth.



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