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National Law Institute University, Bhopal

Which semester are you in?

Fourth Trimester

Faculty and Academics

Honestly speaking, faculty here is one of the best in India.

The senior professors here, are the chairmen of various chairs established by the Govt. of India such as HRD Ministry, Cyber Law Ministry. Chair on Consumer Studies, etc.

One may find some exceptionally bad teachers, although they are on temporary basis till permanent faculty is not appointed. 

Interestingly, right now, there are graduates of various other NLUs teaching, wherein three alumni of NLSIU are teachers here.

Overall, the level of faculty is pretty good. As far as Academics is concerned, the schedule here is rigorous, involving three trimesters, along with projects, their presentations, mid-terms, end-terms, viva, etc., which does not give students enough space for moots and other activities, also the non-exemption provision of academic council to not permit a student to go for a moot during exams.

Mid terms are of 30 marks, and end terms are of 50 marks, then there are projects (15 marks), and attendance,(5 marks) adding up to 100, per subject.

Projects include presentation as well, which is completely unnecessary burden! Evaluation methodology is transparent and free from bias, as there is a coding method of every answer script, just like the CBSE papers.

Student Culture and Activities

Student culture is decent, although till last year, when NLIU has domicile reservation, the crowd was filled with so many MP Students, but from this year, it has been reduced, which has taken up the preference of NLIU, up.

Mooting culture is one of the best here.

There is a problem with International Mooting Policy here, wherein the funds are not allocated to students, as per the policy of the moot court association, which is a student body, which is why, the rank we achieve is due to winning the national moots only.

Sports and other activities such as debating, ADR is one of the best, currently NLIU has the best ADR culture across all other law schools of the country.

There is a cell ‘Jus Cultura’ which has three boards, Literary Society, Debating Society, and Quizzing Society. From this year, NLIU has started its own magazine ‘The Fibbler’ which is an e-magazine.

Apart from this, there are SO MANY events organised here, such as Virudhaka, the annual sports fest, Moot Court Competetions, ADR, NLIU Debate, etc.

The university organises two national moot court competitions (NLIU-Surana and Surana, NLIU-Juris Corp), and one international moot court competition (NLIU-R.K. Tankha International) .


The campus is built on a protected forest land of the MP Govt. and opposite to it, on the other side of the road is a dense forest which is a bit scary!

The campus is at around 7 kms away from the city, and the main market, New market.


Placements at NLIU have been going quite well, wherein this year, it has almost placed everyone sitting for placements, but the stats are not released yet.

The number of PSUs have increased substantially, this year. Also, placements largely depend on the hard work of PCC (a student body constituted through elections), which has done tremendous work this year.

Placements generally start in the end of fourth year and go on till December of that year, where companies come throughout the year, recruiting students, which is why, the stats are not released early.

The PCC, gets internships for students from their third year, on the basis of their preferences of the firm.

Administration and Fees 

Administration has become quite strict in enforcing rules, for the last few years when the incidents of drugs have been reported, and cases of suicides.

Although, the administration recognizes the freedom of student body, there are some rules which are too strict to be enforced.

Curfew timing is at 9 pm for girls, and there is no curfew timing for boys, which is grossly unfair!

Other things?

By being in NLIU, one learns so much in his/her life, ranging from student life pressures to diplomacy.

There is an imbibed problem of judging everyone here, where students are judged by their peers or seniors on the basis of the ranks they get in CLAT, which is a bit rude!

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

Basically, NLIU has one of the best infrastructures as compared to other law schools.

There are two academic blocks, wherein, from this year, the second and the third year students attend classes in Academic Block-II, and other three years in Academic Block-I.

This unequal division was basically done to rule out the opportunity of ragging in the campus since, second year students are the most enthusiastic one. 😛

Also, the Academic Blocks are fully air-conditioned.

Apart from this, everyone knows about the Library here. Fantastic structure of the library is one of the glories of the University.

However, the problem is with the timings of the library, where the working time is from 9 am to 9 pm, ONLY! The rationale behind this, as purported by the Administration is that, since the curfew timing is at 9 pm, the library has to close at 9pm, and not beyond.

Mess here served decent food, not so great, although, the mess committee, which is a student run body, organises various special dinner events once a week, which is the same as buffet.

Canteen, honestly speaking, is a mere structure, and it sadly does not have sufficient eatables.

Apart from this, there is a general store, for basic stuff such as stationary, etc. The sports complex here is very nice, although the football ground it non-functional.

There are four hostels, two for boys and two for girls, wherein first year boys and girls have a complete, unattached building, and the other two are for other students.

This division is basically done to curb ragging.

The campus has a dedicated LAN connection along with a Wi-Fi connection.

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