Law School Review: Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University

By Anonymous

Full name of your law school

Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University

Which semester you are in


Faculty and Academics

Sadly speaking, the class hours are too pathetic i.e. from 9 am to 4.30 pm with each lecture of 1 hour each.

Which sucks up whole energy and we imagine ourselves to be school going champs. 15 mins gap from 11.00 to 11.15. Further, lunch break from 1.15 pm till 2.15 pm.

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There are six subjects to be studied per semester. The fifth years have an optional subject to be chosen .

Evaluation methodology comprises of percentage system. 80 marks for the theory while 20 marks of practical from mid terms, seminars, files and attendance.

The faculty varies per semester with average to low standard.

But there are some amazing teachers too seen in the faculty.

Student culture and activities

Moots are conducted per semester but intra only.

Hope for the National to take place soon!

Interestingly, students from last 3-4 years are taking keen interest in moot activities and so a high participation can be seen from the enthusiastic students on the side.

Further, students participate out in National moots.

The College hosts it’s law fest every year probably in the month of February or March.

The administration is supportive in this case.

Besides this, debates, quizzes,essay writing etc. are regularly conducted by the college every semester as per their schedule.

Moreover, Ist National seminar on Human Rights was conducted by the Institute in the month of November,2014.

Besides this, special lectures are conducted by the Institute giving basics of law such as Humans Rights , Prisoners rights, Juvelline act etc.


Located in the heart of dharma i.e. righteousness; Kurukshetra University lies in Thanesar, Kurukshetra.

Greenery attracts the place.

Shopping complex is located nearby. i.e. University Market.

NIT, Bhramsarovar, kessel mall, jyotisar, panorama, Domino’s, veggie green etc. are the hot-spots outside college.


Speaking frankly, college offers placements only if asked by students and that too with own individual efforts and placements offered are low in scale and thus non deserving.

Administration and fees

Fees is 1.56 lakh for the first two years.i.e nearly 64.5 k for a year.

But this excludes a mess fee of Rs 16,000 annually.

Curfew timings are 7 pm for girls but sadly not for the boys.

Central library open till midnight .But the system needs a lot of improvement.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college

There are total 12 boys hostel which are situated in the vicinity of the main market, post office and SBI at the Kurukshetra University Campus.

On the other hand,there are total 13 girls hostel which are ideally located in another sector of the University campus.

The location of these hostels as so according to the University authorities is such that the girls students feel perfectly secure and safe there.

So, accommodation to the respective hostels depends with every new session.

In the girls hostel compound a common hostel market has been provided.

Both girls and boys hostels are equipped with water purifiers to provide safe drinking water to the residents.

The hostels and washrooms are cleaned daily and that too during class hours so that students are not disturbed.Basic hygiene and cleanliness is present.

Hostels are complete wi-fi zones but range lacks up sometimes.

Every hostel has a 40 inch television screen, arrangement for various indoor games.

Debates on current topics and other Cultural programmes are also held in each hostel.

Two computer labs with Internet facility is also available but only in girls hostel.

Also a well maintained gym which can be used whenever needed.

The food is average only and a special dinner is arranged per month.

What are the best things about your law school

Well best things are hard to seek out.

The only best thing which could be seen from the student side which is taking interest in extra curricular and also some amazing teachers.

Besides this, students are taking up initiative to make a change and this adds up the light to the years!

What are the worst things about your law school

Worst things which I would like to cite out is the poor management and conduct of system.

Pathetic timings etc.

Other things

Further, it more depends upon a student itself about how active is the champ to figure out himself/herself.

So to be proactive, responsible and dutiful. Institute is always open for the budding students.

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