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Delhi Metropolitan Education, Indraprashtha University

Faculty and Academics at Delhi Metropolitan Education, Indraprashtha University

The class duration is around 50 minutes, the time might fluctuate according to the faculty, but rarely.

Personally, I feel few faculty members are very informative about the subject but lack the skill of teaching and clearing the concept.

Whereas most of the faculty guide other than the academics i.e., research, moot, articles etc.

Checking is strict and relation with the teachers does not affect the evaluation of the test papers.

Student Culture and Activities

There are many activities that keeps on taking place. Students utilize their time in the lab in researching.

No sports facilities as this new campus is small, but student participate in IP University’s sports fest.

Intra college moot competition, mun are organized annually.

For other moots students have to seek opportunity on their own teachers are their to guide superficially.


There are many small shops immediately outside the college. The food over their is worth the money.

The location of the college is such that it is near to the metro stations of Vaishali and Noida City Center.

Few shopping complexes and malls are also located nearby.

Placements at Delhi Metropolitan Education, Indraprashtha University

Since I belong to the senior most batch, all I can say is placement ate yet to be discovered.

Internships are searched by the students on their own.

Administration and Fees

Admin needs to be more active. If you’ll try to contact the reception, most of the time it does not connect.

Being almost a new college (3 years approx) the fees is high. It keeps on increasing every year.

Good things

Best part is the CCD and definitely the crowd outside the college is decent as there is the office of IBM, and all professionals can be seen outside during the lunch.

Bad things

Library needs to be improved.

More extra curricular activities should be worked upon.

Other things

One can sustain in the college if he is independent and focused towards his future, than the fun part or so called ‘college life’ enjoyment.

Tell us about the Infrastructure of your College

Starting with the infrastructure, the college was earlier situated in Greater Noida, but then in the year 2015, it was shifted to Noida sector 62 which was much nearer to the maximum number of students as well as the faculty.

Hostel faculty was present in the previous campus, the college provides the hostelers with the bus facility to commute easily to the college and back.

The new campus is small however it has ever facility it needs to have.

Classrooms are huge with two A/Cs in working condition.

Two WiFi router on every floor.

Library is huge but can be improved.

The lab has approximately 40 PC’s with SCC online.

The college has its own CCD.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinions expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Lawctopus. Do send in your law school reviews by filling this form.


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  1. The writer of this review has a pessimistic approach to such a premier institution. The institution is emerging as one the most prominent institutions in India. Keeping in mind the fact that the college is still in it’s initial years, it has a brilliant track record in terms of results as well as extra-curricular activities. There are many events, festivals etc. which are held every semester to promote extra-curricular activities in the institution. There is active culture of mooting also. The students have proved their mettle by achieving excellent results in moot court competitions. There is ample of scope for every student to enjoy the ‘College Life”.

  2. Within 3 years of its inception the college has many things to cheer about.
    Its the students who make the college.
    If people will focus more on the outside food vendors how they will get to know about faculty and lectures. (sarcasm no offence)

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